How to Unlock Acid Lab Business & Get FREE MTL Brickade – GTA Online

MTL Brickade is a new Service Vehicle in GTA Online. In this guide, you will find out how to unlock Acid Lab Business & get a free MTL Brickade (New Service Vehicle) in Grand Theft Auto Online Drug Wars.

You have to wait for Ron to call you to start the drug wars DLC missions. You can do this in an invite-only session. Ron will ask you to go to Trevor’s old place at the ace liquor store and there will be nothing in the store.

To start the mission, you will need to complete all six missions to unlock the acid lab business and a new service vehicle called the MTL Brigade. You need to complete the first mission to unlock Dax. After that, drive Dax on his journey to the new Hideout. Complete the mission and you will unlock Dax in your phone contact list. You have to request a vehicle after calling him. After unlocking the Freak shop, you can go in or out of this location. Keep coming to the Dax Warehouse to finish the first dose mission

It is where you steal the MTL Brigade vehicle. After delivering the MTL vehicle inside the Freak shop, you need to pay around $4750,000 for the acid lab upgrade. You have to do the setup to unlock the acid lab business, Dax will give you a call and he’ll ask you to go to one of the following locations.

After reaching there, you need to steal some supplies and deliver them to your hideout. After that, you can upgrade your MTL Brigade into the acid lab business.