Chapter 3: Crystal Mines Boss Guide – Archero

This guide will provide you with tips for the boss fights in Archero Chapter 3: Crystal Mine.

A bounce wall and piercing shot combination are very effective in all situations, including boss fights. In chapter 3, stages are shortened into 20 (4 angel powerups, 4 boss fights, and 12 regular stages). 

Since it is shortened, you’ll need a lot of abilities that are useful on boss fights. However, not all boss fights are the same; for example, the side arrows are completely useless in the final boss of chapter 3 but effective on other boss fights with bounce wall and piercing shot.

You don’t have to use your revive until the final boss fight, and don’t spend 30 gems when you can’t finish the chapter.

Abilities that you should avoid or fewer priorities:

All sword and circle abilities (ice, poison, fire, bolt): they are useless in boss fights, and they do not increase your regular attacks firepower.

Bloodthirst :

The amount of HP you’ll gain from bloodthirst is minimal because of the shortened stages and the number of monsters between boss fights. It is better to allot on useful abilities to increase firepower and avoid getting damage from enemies.

The offensive abilities are greatly needed in this chapter because each regular stage has five enemy waves. If you don’t have many offensive abilities, you can’t kill all enemies within 15 seconds, and new enemies will spawn until the final wave.

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