How to Unlock New Elf Opera Skin & 3rd Paladin Skill in Soul Knight

This guide will let you know how to unlock the New Elf Opera skin and 3rd paladin skill in Soul Knight.

Fragments of Elf skin are dropped by monsters in a new hidden biome Grave and Paladin’s 3rd skill fragments by the boss of new hidden biome grave.

So, the first step is to know how to enter the secret Biome “Grave”. After Defeat the boss at 1-5 relios biome, a path will appear on the map.

You’ll find a secret room containing ancient characters. And you can enter the Grave Biome after unlocking the gate. 

In Grave, you should try to kill all the monsters in all rooms.

After clearing all, if you don’t see any drop item “Fragments of Elf Skin”. Reroll room by going out to the menu and click back.

When the game is over, the remaining gold coins will be converted to gems. Note that you can only reroll once per level. In total, from 2-1 to 2-5, you’ll have ten chances to get fragments, make use of it. 

And here is the result.

Blessing staff: Revive with Hp reduced to 1.melee Weapon Damage.+1

Curse of Grave Robbers: You won’t be immune to poison. The next 4 boxes will be empty.

After collecting all 8 fragments of each type, you will need to go to the design table.

And enjoy your grind result.

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