How to Upgrade Sword LEGO Fortnite

In this ultimate guide, you will learn how to upgrade your sword in LEGO Fortnite. From constructing a lumber mill to navigating biomes, gathering materials, and mastering crafting techniques, this guide will lead you through the thrilling process of upgrading your very own Sword.

1. Build a Lumber Mill

  • Firstly, open the utility menu and select Lumber Mill from the station. Place the mill at a specific location.
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2. Use a Lumber Mill to make Plank

  • Now put one piece of wood from your inventory into the lumber mill.
    This will process the wood and make a plank which is a required ingredient.
  • Once the plank is made, click the Take button to own it.
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3. Collect Shells from Rollers which spawn in Grass Biome

  • You have to grab shells from the rollers surrounding the area.
    They spawn in the grass biome.
  • So attack to kill them immediately and grab the shells dropped near them.
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4. Upgrade Crafting Bench

  • Now you need to upgrade the bench by going to the bench upgrade tab and clicking the upgrade button at the bottom.
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5. Craft Uncommon Axe

  • Head to the crafting table and navigate to the crafting recipes.
  • Craft the Forest Axe using bones and wooden rods.
    Repeat this procedure for another time to grab more forest axes.
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6. Use Uncommon Axe to collect Knotroot inside of the cave

  • Open the in-game map and go to the following location in the Grassland.
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  • Upon reaching the location, head towards the cave and enter inside.
    You can equip the torch to illuminate the area.
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  • Now place the torch on the ground and use the uncommon axe to hit the knot root.
  • Once the knot roots are broken, you need to grab them from the floor.
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7. Use a Lumber Mill to make Knotroot Rod

  • Go back to the lumber mill location and select the knot root rod from the recipe.
  • After that, click the Change Recipe button at the bottom and hit the Quick Deposit button to craft the recipe.
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8. Use Knotroot Rod to make a Longsword

  • First, interact with the crafting bench and select the Longsword from the weapon recipes section.
  • After that, click on the Craft button at the bottom.
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  • Now go open your inventory and you will find the Longsword there.
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