How to Use Teleporter in Lethal Company

In this guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics and strategies behind using the teleporter effectively, maximizing its potential to your advantage. It’s quite useful in teleporting people who get stuck in bad situations.

Step 1: Identify the Teleporter Interface

The teleporter appears as a device connected to a distinctive red button. It is linked to a monitor displaying individuals or objects within its range that can be teleported to this current location in the teleport.

Step 2: Select the Target and Initiate Teleportation

Utilize the monitor to pinpoint the subject for teleportation. Engage the glass interface over the Red button so that you can press the beam button. Be mindful that live subjects will drop all possessions upon teleporting.

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Step 3: Maximizing Utility with Dead Bodies

Plan strategically to avoid material loss when teleporting living individuals. The teleporter’s most beneficial application lies in retrieving deceased individuals or objects. Prioritize teleporting back deceased crewmates or valuable finds to the ship.

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Step 4: Exceptions and Limitations

Understand the limitations of the teleporter. In certain scenarios like being eaten by tentacles, encountering forest giants, or sinking in quicksand, teleportation retrieval might not be possible.

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By following these steps and leveraging the teleporter’s capabilities judiciously, you can secure crucial assets within Lethal Company.