Ice Gauntlet Advanced Guide & Tips – New World

This guide will provide you with 10 Ice Gauntlet tips in New World. You can use these tips to make your progress in the game. 

1. Block 

The gauntlet is fantastic for blocking. 

It has the second-highest block stability in the game (25%), only losing to shields, tied with 2-handed weapons. You will take stamina damage instead of health by blocking, and there is a skill that converts mana to stamina on blocks. Blocking is useful to time your dodges right and also to avoid being cancelled while casting.

You will need to master a mix of blocking and dodging.

2. Cast at melee range!

You have to use yourself as bait and cast your skills right on the top of enemies. Ice Shower and Ice Storm are much more effective at close range.

Even if you miss, you can still dance around your abilities for protection. It’s also easier to hit your projectiles, so you don’t have to be afraid, stay close & wreck those melees. 

3. Curved Ice Shower 

You can rotate your camera when casting; it will surprise your enemies and making it harder to dodge.

4. You can eat before Entomb for free healing.

If you get hit on an ice block, your regeneration won’t stop.

5. You will need to avoid light projectile spamming.

Light projectiles are faster but smaller and harder to hit. Using heavy (charged) projectiles are slower, but they are bigger and easier to hit (also deal more dmg). You can also aim at the ground while it’s charging, aiming at your target only on release. It should help you see your enemies’ actions better.

6. Recommended combo

After casting, you should use heavy attacks for freeze, followed by light attacks.

 Shower -> heavy -> light -> storm -> heavy -> light 

7. Pull mobs and farm using AoE

Monsters follow you a long way before disengaging. 

Ice storm + Entomb is amazing for clearing a pack. 

8. You will need to pull your fights for corridors or enclosed spaces. It will make your skills easier to hit. 

9. Recommended build and levelling order 

10. Recommended mods and perks

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