Incredible Drinks That Will Change How You Play The Sims 4

In this guide, you will find eight incredible drinks that will change how you play The Sims 4. Drinking any of these drinks will give you some additional perks and surely enhance your gameplay.

1. Space Realm

The Space Realm drink costs 250 simoleons and you will need a death flower and level 10 Mixology to make this drink. You don’t have to drink it yourself because if your sim dies near the drink, the Grim Reaper will appear and he will bring your sim back to life.

2. Snaggle Fluster

To unlock Snaggle Fluster, you have to reach level 9 of the Culinary career and become a drink master. You will get an offer to purchase a Mythical Drink Guide for 200 simoleons. Purchase this guide and make the drink in a bar for 50 Simoleons. When you sim drink it, they will get a dazed moodlet for three hours and they will also gain some skills at a rapid pace.

3. Space Energy

You will need to become an astronaut and enter the Space Ranger branch at level 8 in this career to make the Space Energy drink. Drinking this will restore about half of the energy bar and it will help to decrease sleeping time. Your sims can use this time to perform other activities.

4. Teas

There are so many teas that you can use to change the mood of your sims and also help to train skills faster. The Healthy Green tea will give you a plus two happy moodlet for a few hours and will also cure the illness. Run Oolong tea will give your sim plus two energized moodlet for a few hours and Steamy Ginseng tea will give them a plus two flirty moodlet for a few hours.

Drinking a Gray tea will give your team a plus two confident moodlet and you can drink Pitch Black tea to get a plus two focused moodlet for a few hours. You can reduce the duration of angry and intense moodlets by drinking the Calming Chamomile tea.

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You can make Lemon Honey Ginger Detox tea then at level 10 wellness if you have the Spa Day game pack. Drinking this tea will give a focused moodlet to your sim. You can make Spiced Sparkling Apple juice if you have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. It will give h a happy moodlet to your sim.

You can make Bee Tea if you have seasons and some honey. It will give you a happy moodlet for a few hours. You can travel to Salvadorada and drink Yerba Mate if you have the Jungle Adventure game pack. It will unlock the tea recipe and also give you an inspired plus two moodlets for a few hours.

5. Mood Potions

You will need to join the Mixology branch of the Culinary career and reach level 10 of the Mixology skill. After that, you will get the potion master trait and you will be able to create flirty, confident, focused, inspired, and happy potions. These potions cost 1,000 simoleons and they will give you plus 100 relevant moodlet for three hours.

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6. Ultimate Vampire Cure

You will need 10 plasma fruits, 10 wolf paws, 10 garlic, 2,500 simoleons, and have to reach level 15 of the vampire law skill to craft the Ultimate Vampire Cure. If your sim drink it, they will gain the mean interaction to throw it at the target vampire and slay them.

7. Beetle Juice

You will need level 10 Mixology and beetle nuggets to make Beetle juice. It comes with the Eco lifestyle expansion pack. You can obtain beetle nuggets by raising beetles. Your sim will turn into a ghost if you drink this juice three times in a row.

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8. Vitality Nectar

Vitality nectar comes in with the Horse Ranch expansion pack. You have to reach the level 5 of the nectar-making skill to make it and it will lower your sim’s age by a few days. It will also give you a happy moodlet. A ghost will revive back to its human form after drinking this nectar. If you store it and it becomes aged, then you can sell it for a massive amount.

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9. Fear-Be-Gone

The Fear-Be-Gone drink costs 300 satisfaction points. You can drink it to remove a fear from your sim. Just the select option to drink it, choose a fear to remove, and stop your sim from drinking it. It will remove the fear and the drink will still appear in your inventory.