Ragnarok Clicker is Ragnarok Online and Clicker Heroes in One


Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure/Casual/RPG/Simulation/Strategy
Publisher: Gravity Interactive
Developer: Playsaurus
Release Date: August 3, 2016
Official Website (Steam): http://store.steampowered.com/app/493370/

About Ragnarok Clicker

From Playsaurus, an indie game company that brought you Clicker Heroes, comes a really easy, no-drama alternative to enjoy your childhood fave, Ragnarok Online. Its game mechanic is simple and pretty straightforward: repeatedly click enemies to defeat them, click on loots and collecting cards, zennies, and other items, and click on the menus to access your inventory, skills, and equipment. In other words, click your way to victory!

All the monsters, jobs, items, and maps are taken straight from the original RPG. The only difference is that instead of levelling up skills every time your base level increases, you use zennies in order to raise your skills’ levels. Oh, and you don’t have to walk across maps to find monsters.


Ragnarok Clicker!

More Information

Visit the beautiful vistas and terrifying dungeons of Ragnarok, face down monsters from the cute Porings to the terrifying MVP Bosses of the world. Progress to higher dungeon levels to prove your ability and patience while, recruiting and deploying mercenary helpers to bring in extra loot, and of course team up with your friends to form a guild to take on multiplayer guild challenges that await!

Just like Clicker Heroes, Ragnarok Clicker lets you play with friends via the Clan feature, a reminiscent of Ragnarok Online‘s Guilds. You may choose to either create your own or join an already existing one. Communication between members is possible through the Message Board.


Gameplay Video

Ragnarok Clicker Gameplay

User Comments

Just started. This game brings me so much memories back in my grade school years stuck at the PC cafes with my friends playing RO. The music, the theme, the action sounds…lol omg, nostalgic. I wonder what can be developed, I’m hoping there’s some action later game. Yes, it may be reskin of Clicker Heroes as some have been saying, but who cares, more RO stuff is better than none.

HOLY ♥♥♥♥ THE NOSTALGIA! The animations, the sound effects! As someone said, a better game than ragnarok 2 online. Even if its a reskin of an existing game, a ragnarok theme makes it 100000x better. Besides it takes work to add all of these sprites, sounds and animations.

Will you play this game?

Although Ragnarok Clicker has received mixed reviews on Steam–negative from those who were expecting new stuff and positive from those who love anything that brings back their memories of the most illustrious MMORPG ever createdI believe that this is something I’ll enjoy playing every now and then.

How about you? Do you disapprove of this game since it’s just a copy of both Clicker Heroes and Ragnarok Online or are you willing to try it out and bask in glorious nostalgia?

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