Ragnarok Online (RO): Best Classes to Play

Most of the players are often ambivalent about which class to play with. This question put most of the players in trouble and makes them think seriously. This question of which class to play breeds another question of what to choose, best class in PvP or best class in PvE. Well, to answer all your queries and mitigate your concerns, we will describe all the classes that are available to play with. I am quite certain that after you are done with reading this comprehensive guide, you will be in a better position to make a sensible decision.


Swordsman is the most famous class in the game which primarily focuses on defense and melee attacks. This class (swordsman) has got remarkable defense among all other classes. Sword man can be promoted from knight to Knight and Lord Knight. You would love to play with this class if you are fond of playing with the tanks. This class has a phenomenal defense armor which makes this class a real hard tank.


All of major’s spells are considered to be elemental. He has below average survivability but if you, somehow, manage to learn the elements and practice the mechanics, which would be of least concern. He can kill his foes in a couple of shots using his element age.


This is mainly a support class that is capable of healing the heroes and casting buffs and debuffs. This is the best class for those who like to play in a team and believe that it’s real fun doing that! Acolyte can be promoted to priest or even higher priest. This class has got impeccable offensive skills that inflict severe damage on the undead.


The thief belongs to the Melee class. Thief, instead of consolidating on his defense, makes the best use of his agility which has been gifted to him. His quick moves often put the opponents in dire straits. His ability helps him with both his defense and the capability to attack. Thief can be promoted Assassin and Assassin Cross.


Mage occupies a dominant position as the main spell caster that is capable of dealing with AoE and Burst Damage. This class is perfectly built for you if you love to see the sights of destruction. This class is compatible with both PvP and PvE. The only downside of this class is being squishy that makes it pretty vulnerable to surprise attacks and focused fire. Mage can be promoted to Wizard and later to Higher Wizard.


It is basically a ranged base class that has a lot to do with dealing damage. If you prefer to maintain a distance and don’t want to leave any opportunity for the opponent to fight back, Archer will be the most compatible with you. Owing to its complete command on range and damage, this class is the top tier in farming. Archer can be promoted from hunter and later to sniper.


Merchant can prove really useful at certain stages in the game. This class is the slowest and the dumbest class to start with. Merchant’s major skill is mammoth ice that can go straight through the defenses of the opponents. Merchant makes little contribution in the group and can be best played as solo.

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