Snowrunner Top 10 Best Trucks

The truck mods are the best way to upgrade your game and add interesting and exciting elements to it. This guide will let you know about the best truck mods in the game.

Mod Selection Criteria

Mod selection will be based on my personal opinion. Mods should be available in the mod browser of the latest game version. Mods should be in working condition in the existing game version. Mod should not be a tweaked version of an in-game truck. Details like tires, addons, interior, matters a lot. Mods with some sort of unique features are always welcome.

Following is the list of Top ten mods in descending order.

10) Ural Typhoon U

Ural Typhoon U is a Russian armored typhoon truck. It looks good and detailed. You can also add some body addons and customize its skin. The Ural Typhoon U truck can be used as a command and staff vehicle, reconnaissance, ambulance, engineering, cargo transportation and more. It is basically a great utility multi purpose vehicle.

9) Berliet T100

Berliet T100 is a giant french truck. It has got a six slot cargo bed and can transport a huge amount of goods from one place to another. You can freely adjust the cargo on it as you want to.

It makes noise while starting and is also not good for off road transportation. Due to the huge vehicle ramp, Berliet T100 is considered too wide for the game.

8) Zil-157

Zil-157 is a very detailed truck model with exposed engine details. It consists of three unique trailer slots. Zil-157 has got it’s own body addons.

7) Z-Series Truck Pack

Z-31 (4*4 scout truck)

Z-31 is basically a 4*4 medium duty, scout truck. It has got custom 1 and 2 slots cargo addons, also custom utility and mud flap addons.

Z-34 (6*6 truck)

Z-34 is a 6*6 heavy duty off road trucks. It will give you the best possible result in off-road adventures.

Z-972 (unique 6*6 truck)

Z-972 is an unique 6*6 off-road truck. It has got fully animated headlights, dashboard and diff lock buttons. You can easily ride it on soft ground or mud. Z-972 provides a lot of body addons.

6) Mack Defence

Mack Defence is a heavy dump truck. It provides you all the details and fulfills all the requirements to be a military truck. Mack Defence has its own body addons.

5) Oshkosh based trucks


MTVR (4*4 A Scout Truck)×4

MTVR is a high performance military truck. It is the most durable truck to go over the roughest of the terrains. You can use MTVR as an exploration or rescue vehicle, it will provide you with the best results.

Mk 31 (Semi Truck)

Mk 31 is a semi military truck with four wheel steering. It is a high performance and immensely durable truck to go over the most difficult environments. Mk 31 has got the technology of independent suspension.

Mk 8092 (Long chassis)

Mk 8092 truck has got three slot cargo beds and it also provides you the feature of 2 slot beds.


It is the most versatile out of all four. RNG US-K23 is a high performance and highly military durable truck to go over the roughest of the terrains. It has its own body addons and gives you the technology of independent suspension.

4) VOLAT Pack

The VOLAT Pack consists of five trucks. These are MZKT 7402, MZKT 65274, MZKT 65730, MZKT 6527, MZKT 65271. All of them have their own icons, animations and textures.

MZKT 7402 (A 8*8 semi/truck)

MZKT 65274 (Short Chasis 6*6)

MZKT 65730 (Long Chasis 6*6)

MZKT 6527 (short Chasis 8*8)

Its vehicle ramp is the best.

MZKT 65271 (Long Chasis 8*8)

MZKT 65271 has four slot cargo beds. Each of them have their own addons.

3) Mercedes Zetros

Mercedes Zetros is a unique off-road truck in the game. It is one of the largest trucks with many body addons. And the ramp addons work really well for this vehicle. Mercedes Zetros provides no axle collision.

2) Kamaz 6350

Kamaz 6350 is a truck that can be used for military and economic purposes. It has got three slot cargo beds and can also have nine cargo slots with a crane. Kamaz 6350 has a lot of body addons and the ramp addons work really well.

Honourable Mention 1

BAZ 6944

BAZ 6944 is a transport-loading truck. It can float on water very slowly and has the ability to overcome the barriers in the water.

Honourable Mention 2

DCB US K900x

DCB US K900x is a heavy duty military truck with a very few addons. The model details on it are very likeable. It’s payload capacity is very durable and dependable.

Special Mention 3

MAZ Offroad pack

There are four trucks in the MAZ Offroad pack. These are MAZ 5316, MAZ 6425, MAZ 6517, MAZ 6313. All of them have their own icons, animations and textures.

MAZ 5316 (4*4 truck)

MAZ 6425 (6*6 semi truck)

MAZ 6517 (6*6 short chassis)

MAZ 6313 (6*6 long chassis)

MAZ 6313 has the biggest crane addon in the game. It performs well in short range but bot very strong when it comes to long range. MAZ 6313 also has a working search light.

1st) Ural 4320 pack

The best truck pack in the game is the Ural 4320 pack. It consists of three trucks. They are Ural Huntsman (4*4 scouting truck), Ural 43202 (6*6 short chassis) and Ural 4320 (6*6 long chasis).

Ural Huntsman (4*4 scouting truck)

Ural 43202 (6*6 short chassis)

Ural 4320 (6*6 long chasis)

Ural 4320 truck provides you with a lot of crane and body addons. It has got its own trailers and foldable long logs karts and extended auto winch. Log cranes can be used as cargo cranes. Ural 4320 is a great utility truck.

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