Tips and Tricks for Chamber of Lost Souls in the Mimic

This guide will provide you with some tips and tricks for Chamber of Lost souls (first part) in The Mimic. 

The first thing you will need to do is walk straight from the entrance until you find a dead tree.

Objective: Lure creatures to their statues and take the scrolls.

Four statues represent four creatures. To unseal the exit, you have to take out scrolls from the creatures’ faces. For Jealousy and Rage, go to this part, as shown in the image below.

You will reach the first intersecting paths; wait there until you see a creature. Most of the time, it is already there; it is either RAGE or JEALOUSY. You have to Position yourself in the middle and check the right side and the centre. Hearing is key; if you hear it, it is very near, so you have to sprint.

When a creature is coming, you will need to wait for it to come and make sure it is close to following you, or else it will choose to turn back. Lead him to the middle and position yourself behind either Jealousy or Rage.

It will back off, so you can try luring it again and again until you take the scroll.

Once you have the scroll, touch its statue.

You will need to go back to RAGE and position yourself at the same spot as before. Check all directions but primarily right and centre. Rage usually comes out at the centre but still checks for jealousy to come out from the right. While luring, you do not have to take a sharp turn to the left or right. It only follows if you go straight.

If it turns back, you need to do the best you can to attract it again so that you won’t waste time.

For Rebirth, you have to go there. Control is sometimes there; if it is, then easier for you.

The next thing you have to do is go to the first intersecting paths just like before and position yourself the same.         

Check all directions; Rebirth will come out either from the left side or centre. While control is on the right side.

If it turns back, you have to do the best you can to attract it again so you won’t waste time.

For Control, you will need to go there:

Go to the first intersecting paths just like before, and position yourself the same as well.

Check all directions to be safe, but usually, he comes out from the center.

When all four statues are lit, go here to exit.

You have to go straight and reach a dead end and turn left Rage until you find a path with a red light on the right side.

Congrats! You have made it!

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