Over 800 games are released on a monthly basis at Steam, it is literally impossible to try out all games, usually, some gems are missed by the gamers, that is why we have curated this list of top steam games for July 2020, these games will keep you busy for a very long time.

Game NamePlatformLinks
Forking HellSteam
Monster BlastSteam
Happy GrumpsSteam
Zoo World VRSteam
Boogie BotSteam
ARTHA: Epic Card Battle GameSteam
Liquid SunshineSteam
Aeolis TournamentSteam
Carrier TrailSteam
Barrel BlastSteam
This Throne Is Mine – The Card GameSteam
Dr. AtominusSteam
7 summer days: Youth skySteam
Box FactorySteam
Core DefenseSteam
Taskforce: The Mutants of October MorganeSteam
Plantera 2: Golden AcornSteam
Booth: A Dystopian AdventureSteam
Captain MAYOSteam
Earth: 9000Steam
Master ArenaSteam
Mira’s TaleSteam
Aeolis TournamentSteam
Swallow The BlueSteam

Forking Hell

Forking Hell is a casual arcade-simulation game where the player guides a forklift vehicle around a virtual warehouse and completing customer orders over the working days.

Monster Blast

It´s all about blasting Monsters. On randomly generated maps you are shooting your path to find the exit and move on to the next level.


Fitness rhythm game with full body engagement. Transform your living room into a personal gym on 4 square meters.

Happy Grumps

Happy Grumps is a love letter to classic roguelike adventures with a twist. Instead of trying to steal treasure or fight monsters, you are on a quest to spread happiness to a grumpy world.

Zoo World VR

Intentio Education Game Studios gives you a passport to all parts of our vibrant planet. As you crisscross the globe you’ll be able to study and learn about the native species while you help out your new four-legged friends through a series of challenging, environmental-themed quests.

Boogie Bot

Boogie Bot is a fast and challenging survival platformer about getting in the zone and finding your groove. Your battery is always draining. Stop thinking and let instinct take over. Only then can you safely evacuate the boogie bots before the No Good Music Haters blow planet Boogula-5 to bits.

ARTHA: Epic Card Battle Game

Take the Control of mysterious heroes in online PVP epic card battle!

Liquid Sunshine

Guide a monkey, horse and a rhino through challenging puzzles, and discover the roots of their relationship through a full-blown comic book backstory.

Aeolis Tournament

Use the power of the wind to compete in the various games of the Storm Championship in this charmingly chaotic 8-player action party game. Aeolis Tournament features physics-based gameplay, a tournament mode and local and online multiplayer play.

Carrier Trail

Carrier Trail is a retro game inspired by the 1985 game ‘Oregon Trail’. Travel alone to Dewshield on a quest to deliver a package to the royal family. Visit landmarks, towns, and other locations in search of supplies! With thousands of random experiences, you’ll never get the same adventure twice!

Barrel Blast

Soar through Cannon City! Barrel Blast is an ode to the past, drenched in nostalgia, featuring old school and awesome gameplay mechanics. Inspired by the amazing Super Donkey Kong, Barrel Blast takes the Cannon Mechanic to an extreme and juices it into a truly unique blasting game.

This Throne Is Mine – The Card Game

You play as King of Qin, the one ended the 500-year civil war on this land. Act like a King to manage your follower and the royal court and unite the country. Ready to defence your throne?

Dr. Atominus

Dr. Atominus is a short platformer with metroidvania elements and a cool sci-fi story.

7 summer days: Youth sky

7 summer days: Youth Sky — a cycle of visual short stories within the extended universe of “7 summer days”. It tells about the adventures of an Nonamed trainee in the worlds of the Old Road.

Box Factory

Box Factory is an isometric puzzle game where the player needs to push boxes on the right tiles in full 3D and teleports.

Core Defense

A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. Choose a reward, improve your build, survive the next wave, repeat. Highly replayable, difficult, and addictive. You’ll want just one more wave, just one more run!

Taskforce: The Mutants of October Morgane

Taskforce is a tactical, turn based game in which you control a small group of elite soldiers in a series of sci-fi themed missions. Mission objectives might include rescuing hostages, blowing up targets, stealing documents or other military activities.

Plantera 2: Golden Acorn

The round blue Helpers return to tend to the garden once more and grow the big magical oak tree that have been rumored to have placed its seed there. Tend to the oak tree and grow it to the sky to harvest its Golden Acorns.

Booth: A Dystopian Adventure

The year is 2036. In this famine-riddled world, food-centric sovereignty has been established. Living alone inside a food-inspection booth, you are striving to find truth and peace beyond the borderline.

Captain MAYO

You play a jar of MAYO. Your goal is to free the princess and defeat the evil Johnny Mustard.

Earth: 9000

Earth: 9000 a new indie Bullet Hell, Twin Stick, Rogue-Lite mashup. You take the role of the Earth defending itself against a never ending onslaught of alien invaders. You’ll unlock dozens of weapons and even more upgrades as you gain research from defeating enemies. You’ll certainly be defeated, but that isn’t the end, our patented Reali-time-nsion technology sends your research, weapons and upgrades to a new Earth ready to defend itself once again, but this time with the advantages of everything you’ve unlocked before.

Master Arena

Master Arena closes a chapter of old-school arena shooters to open a new one with a more strategic and fun gameplay. Accessible to everyone, Master Arena is easy to handle and satisfying to play. Duel, deathmatch, free-for-all, capture the flag, and more, Master Arena invites you to join arenas from 2 to 30 players.

Mira’s Tale

Swing, jump and glide your way through an ancient world, uncover secrets, explore the past and solve puzzles to restore peace to the village.

Aeolis Tournament

Use the power of the wind to compete in the various games of the Storm Championship in this charmingly chaotic 8-player action party game. Aeolis Tournament features physics-based gameplay, a tournament mode and local and online multiplayer play.


DEDstress is a bizarre, high-intensity, survival-horror game. Assisted by voices in your head – run, hide and bribe your way out of a strange South African mental hospital, where the staff need more help than the patients.


Challenge others players and reach the top score on STEAM’s plateform! For that, survive as long as possible and defend your cabin’s chest.. But against what ? That’s what you’ll find out by nightfall…


Place yourself at the heart of a battle for the Universe, GRONIONS® for PC, is a fast-paced single-player action shooter, about exploration, survival, 3 game modes: campaign, frenzy and odyssey(Deluxe Edition), with regular updates and constant evolution of bio galactic dominance.

Swallow The Blue

An eerie horror game set in a weird hotel plagued with bizarre beings and interesting characters. The game utilizes a never-used before environment alongside brand new horror mechanics, one of a kind graphics/art style, and an unnerving story with rich lore to create a unique experience for players.

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