There are millions of games on Google play store and sometime finding a good game can be a nightmare, as most of the games on play store are completely rubbish, going through a list of low quality games can be very time consuming and especially if you’re willing to spend money on paid games, you’d like to play high quality games. Imagine, purchasing 10 games on Play store and finding only one quality game. Sometimes, reviews of games don’t show the clear picture of a game, there are many games out there which have decent ratings but in reality the game is not entertaining, some paid games with over 4.5 ratings even lag, so if you’re willing to spend money, then it’s better to go through these type of lists, we have curated this list carefully. 

TDE Moon of Blood Music Scales PRO
Dark Rage Pocket Poker Room
ShapeOminoes Pacific Fire
Pick and place Data Defense
Bitcoin Mining Game Bottom of the 9th
Kalimba Royal simLeaf
Kamiori Train Sim Pro
Lootbox RPG The Last AntLion
Little Crane 2 Sports Fit VR
Block Tech MechZ VR
Fight For Glory 3D Combat Pro Mindsight
Smashing Cricket VIP Fractal Combat X (Premium)
Lowlander II Ballyhoop Premium Basketball
Legend of Badminton Nellie’s Ark

TDE Moon of Blood

Fight with warriors, bowmen, and even siege weapons against frightening creatures and challenge yourself in various attack and defense missions. Build your own fortresses and destroy those of your enemies.

Price: $4.49

Dark Rage

Even death will not stop the brave hero, only bloodthirsty zombies, revived skeletons and other monsters stand in your way. Destroy enemies, absorbing their souls. Explore dark dungeons with dangerous traps and treasures.

Price: $1.99

Shape Ominoes

Unique puzzler perfect for those who love games like Tangram, Pentomino or Jigsaw. Similar to them but with different goal that can’t be found in any other game.

Price: $1.49

Pick‘n Place

Pick‘n Place is a relaxing mechanic puzzle that challenges you to fit all the pieces of it’s pieces in a single or multiple boards. It’s 3D environment and beautiful graphics, will increase your spatial notion while the puzzle itself works on your logical skill.

Price: $0.99

Bitcoin Mining Game

Earn bitcoins by clicking to solve block chains! Love Bitcoins? How fast can you earn thousands, millions or even billions? Earn bitcoins by clicking to solve block chains.
Join the cryptocurrency revolution.

Price: $1.49

Kalimba Royal

The Kalimba is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board (often fitted with a resonator) with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. The mbira is usually classified as part of the lamellaphone family and part of the idiophone family of musical instruments.

Price: $5.29


Kamiori is an origami-based puzzle game. Fold the paper stages to reach the goal and reveal the world’s secrets!

Price: $3.49

Lootbox RPG

Lootbox is a dungeon crawler that will let you play an unexperienced demon child. Being one of His Great Unholinesses sons, you are about to set on a quest that will lead you to various places until you finally have the chance to help your father defend the realm against its enemies.

Price: $0.99

Little Crane 2

The successor of “The Little Crane That Could” that let’s you dig in the mud, and shape terrain. Drive a bulldozer, an excavator, a skycrane, a crane or a truck.
The terrain is fully deformable in this game. Scoop up the dirt, and drop it somewhere else.

Price: $5.99

Block Tech

Build an unbreakable car. In the game, you can show your skills in building incredible vehicles, for this you have access to more blocks, such as wheels of different types and purposes, turrets, machine guns, rocket launchers, rocket engines, and armor. Fight with opponents on terra tech and win, victory will not be easy.

Price: $0.99

Fight For Glory 3D Combat Pro

Engage in gruesome combats with various fighters to win your way back to glory in this ultimate fighting game. Enjoy different punch, kick, dodge, and special power moves. Unlock achievements and compete with your friends for high scores. This fighting game has amazing 3D graphics and high-quality music and sound effects.

Price: $0.99

Smashing Cricket VIP

Welcome to a super realistic world of cricket. Play the most realistic mobile cricket game, with motion captured animations & realistic graphics. Play a variety of shots & smash the cricket ball to all parts of the ground. Smash fours & sixes and power your way to a mammoth total: become a cricket megastar. Play competitive matches & lift the world cricket championship.

Price: $0.99

Lowlander II

Styled after the early Ultima games from Richard Garriott, Lowerlander will make your Android smartphone feel like a Commodore 64. That’s a good thing! Plus, Lowlander’s new sibling packs the same one-handed portrait-style gameplay that sensible people prefer! Lowerlander is retro rpg gaming at its finest.

Price: $2.99

Legend of Badminton

Pirlock, deprived of his birthright, the marvelous Earldom of Badminton, is eager to recover his rightful inheritance which was lost by his frivolous (and unapologetically hedonistic…) father.

Price: $2.99

Music Scales PRO

Music is an art and a science. Music notes, reading sheet music and music theory are some of the vital aspects that a musician should know by heart. Knowing the different scales there are in music is a very important subject too.

Price: $0.99

Pocket Poker Room

New Poker Lottery Game is now available. The top line is the Dealer hand and the next 5 lines are the player’s hands. Win by matching your cards with the dealer cards or by being dealt a poker hand. 2 ways to win for every bet. Create custom lottery games in the Poker Clubs. Use the chips for Lotto or Poker.


Pacific Fire

Pacific Fire is a turn-based strategic wargame set in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Take command of US, Japanese, British, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese and Dutch forces in the Pacific and Southeast Asia from 1941-1945.

Price: $2.99

Data Defense

Data Defense is a minimalist tower defense indie game set in cyberspace. Protect servers from being infected by a slew of oncoming glitches, bugs and viruses. Use each server’s particular layout to your advantage, installing defense programs in strategic locations to defend the server in the fastest time possible.

Price: $4.99

Bottom of the 9th

It’s a beautiful day here at the ballpark, and this game has been a squeaker! Everyone expected the league leaders to roll into town and easily defeat the home team. But the scrappy upstarts have played the game of their lives and managed to keep the score tied right until the end.

Price: $2.99


Wrapped in a fun, 3D game-like environment is a sophisticated cannabis learning platform that navigates through the complexity of the grow process with elegance and simplicity. In this unique app people can experience the art of growing in a realistic way without a large investment in equipment or classes.

Price: $2.99

Train Sim Pro

Perfect fun for both adults and kids who love trains, pick up passengers from stations, or carry some freight. Control your favorite historical or modern trains perfectly recreated in 3D. Sit inside the trains, passenger cars, or simply view the train from the ground as it comes towards you.

Price: $1.49

The Last AntLion

The Queen Ant doesn’t like filthy half-ant, half-lion hybrids like you living in her nefarious kingdom. She has made it her life’s mission to eradicate your kind from the earth in order to restore the purity of the ant race. Continent by continent, her Army Ants have captured every single AntLion in existence and forced them to participate in her cruel gladiatorial games.

Price: $0.99

Sports Fit VR

Play by doing real physical activities! Featuring a total of 275 events to complete. Running races, races with hurdles, sprints, jumps, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and a flying mode. These will be enough to get your body in shape.

Price: $0.99

MechZ VR

The year is 2167 and you have just been accepted into the training program for the Earth’s Elite Robot Force. The training is hard and not everyone has what it takes to be a winner. Do YOU, soldier? Time to suit up.

Price: $2.99


Mindsight is a minimalistic evolution of a match-3 game. The goal of the game is to find all sets of three adjacent symbols whose characteristics either match or differ. Each symbol has three characteristics. Each of these characteristics either need to be the same or different for three consecutive horizontal or vertical symbols to make a set.

Price: $0.99

Fractal Combat X (Premium)

FCX is an action-packed flight combat game, sporting top notch 3D graphics, VR support and a progressively intense gameplay!

Price: $1.99

Ballyhoop Premium Basketball

Many playable characters and worlds to unlock. Level up your favorite character and crush the competition on the leaderboards.

Price: $1.99

Nellie’s Ark

In Nellie’s Ark, a fresh, whimsical and musically meditative block-clearing game, you’ll delve into the vibrant and retro-inspired world. Playing as Nellie, an adorable emoticon, you’ll move her from side to side to hit the ball and adapt to the changing block formations and colour schemes within the game.

Price: $0.99

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