Where to Build Your First Base In LEGO Fortnite

This guide will provide you with the best locations to build your first base. By following each step mentioned below, you will be able to highlight suitable places to build your bases.

  • Every time you create a world, it has a unique seed. This means that everyone’s world is different, but the basics should remain the same.
  • There are various types of biomes like grasslands, shore, desert, snow, and more.
    You can progress in the game by exploring these different biomes.
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  • Biomes have various ranges of tiers each equipped with different difficulty levels. For example, the snowy biome is a higher-tier zone such as tier three, while the desert biome in the southeast corner is a tier-two zone.
  • You’ll need to venture into these as you progress further in the game.
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  • It’s smart to build your base somewhere between two different biomes, like near the snowy and desert areas. Before that, it’s a good idea to explore a lot.
  • Try to find a location close to a cave marked as small cave icons on the map.
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  • Grasslands usually have tier-one resources, caves have tier-two resources, and deserts have the next level of upgrades. Snowy areas come after desert upgrades.
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  • For an effective base location, try to find a spot that’s near both a snowy and a desert area, while also being close to a cave.
    This way, you’ll have access to different resource tiers and upgrades as you progress through the game.
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