Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Aoye Tips

This guide will help you to beat the Aoye boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Aoye is the toughest boss in this game, it can take about five-six attempts. It is not recommended to go into this boss fight too early. Go through the guide and follow the instructions carefully to defeat him.

It is recommended to build up your morale rank by finding all the battle flags and marking flags. The boss is ranked 15, so you will need a maximum morale rank.

You had to go around and grab every single flag possible and summon a second companion. You will require tiger seals to summon a companion and it uses one every single time you summon.

You need to use one tiger still every fail if you’re using the companion that comes into the level with you. You can try different available companions for consuming tiger seal. After that, go to the water section where the boss fight is, and take the enemies down that scale through the water to get your morale rank up.

You will take less damage and deal more damage to the boss if you have a higher morale rank than the boss. Your morale rank decides your fate in this boss fight. Once you jump into the boss fight, every single attack will be the Spirit attack to start off for the first five attempts.

They will also switch their moves, so it is recommended to put on some things that can heal you. Your companions are almost at this stage, so it is recommended to keep your distance to start with using dual swords

You will gain spirit while attacking with the dual swords and you will be able to use spirit attacks to lower the high end of the Aoye ‘s spirit gauge. When the reticle turns orange, use the spirit attack to deal a massive amount of damage. You need to master deflecting as it will be really helpful at this point. Then deal damage when possible and crack the timing on deflecting while fighting with this boss. After that, hold down your guard button so that you can still block the attacks if you have missed the deflecting.

Use your Divine Beast, and spirit attack when possible. It’s just a battle of how long can you stay in this Arena and deal damage to Aoye.