All Bows Crafting Guide – Fortnite

This guide will teach you how to craft all of the bows like a shockwave, explosive, and stink bow in Fortnite. Follow the steps in this guide, and you will be able to craft them. 

At first, you will need to find the bass bow, and it is a makeshift bow, as shown in the image below. 

You can also craft it into any other bows; you have to go into the main menu and then navigate to the crafting page; you will find two separate options there.  

The first option is  “upgrade it to a primal bow using bones” and the second option is  “use mechanical parts”. 

For the mechanical parts, you will need to find the broken cars and smash them to get the mechanical parts.

When you find four mechanical parts, you have to go back into the crafting menu again to craft a mechanical bow.

The first one is better than the normal bow; it gives double damage, which is very beneficial.  Go to the special crafting menu for the bows, and you will get the mechanical shockwave bow, which takes two shock waves and will help you in the fight. 

When you fire it at your feet, it will launch you across the map; you have to charge it well to get the shockwave effect. If it’s not fully charged, it shoots like a normal bow, so you must have to charge it to full to have a shock wave effect. 

Now, if you want to upgrade to a primal bow, you will need animal bones, and you need to have four of them to upgrade from normal to primal bow. 

It is almost the same as the mechanical bow, but it has a good fire rate and less damage than a mechanical bow. You can craft it in other things as well, as shown in the image below. 

You can craft the flame bow with the help of a gas can, or you can also use a firefly jar. When you craft the flame bow, you can fire with it and light it up if it is fully charged, and if its not charged, it will act like a normal bow.

Now you need to find six grenades, and you can also use a mechanical bow to create an explosive bow. Using it, you will be able to throw explosives if it is fully charged, and if it is not, it acts as a normal bow. So you have to make sure to charge to use it fully, and you can fire it on a character in a game, and it gets twenty damage on a single shot. 

To craft the last bow,  first, you have to head to the long side of waterways, and there you will find the jumping frogs. You have to kill them to get the special items from them. 

And next, you want to have a primal bow, and you will be able to craft the primal stink bow; after crafting that, you will find out that it gives you the final bow, as shown in the image below.  

You can shoot the stink bombs with it as these bombs are very effective to an individual and it will help you to get out of the fights like build fights to survive, it does more than four damage per second which is very effective. 

It is how you can craft all of the bows in the game.   

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