Base Game Objects in Sims 4

This guide will let you know about the base game objects you can use in The Sims 4

The sketch pad is a device you can use to create paintings; it’s essentially an electronic version of an easel, but with a few differences. You can’t use it to create landscapes, but it can be used to create very lovely black and white drawings, as shown in the image below.  

While you can paint from reference from both your mannequin and tablet, choosing what you paint when selecting this is dependent on where your Sim is standing. The tablet sits in your inventory, and it is much more portable and gives much more flexibility.

If you want to use an image from another photo as your reference in your painting, you can use the Digital Sketch Pad in the Electrified Arts freelance career. It is similar to being a graphic designer; it will take your painting to the next level.

A plant that is overlooked is the Cow Plant. You can’t buy it, but rather you must find and grow it from a CowPlant berry. There are a few ways to get this, such as randomly by fishing or for treasure. You can also get it through gardening by cutting and grafting a snapdragon with dragon fruit.

You can also obtain the plants by opening rare sea packets. You can buy these packets at level 10 gardening, probably the easiest way to get rare plants. Planting this will eventually get you a cute cow plant in your backyard. You can play with it and feed it around every 12 hours.

If a cow plant is hungry, it will stick its tongue and wait for someone to feed it cake. If a Sim comes by, the Sim tries to take the cake. The cow plant will eat the Sim once but then spit the Sim back out with a negative moodlet. If the cow plant eats you again, your Sims’ life will end forever.

If a cowplant is spat out, you can milk it for its essence of life. This powerful drink will give your sims a moodlet depending on the emotion of the eaten sim. When a sim dies, you can also harvest the essence of their life.

An upgrade has added a hot tub to the base game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sims. It’s great for gameplay and adds drama to your game. And you will find a birthday cake as well. It was originally released as a Stuff Pack but was added to the base game ten years later. It’s also great for gameplay and adds drama to your game. The drawcard of the pack is hot tubs, and it is a great object to add to a lot of settings such as an outdoor pool area, and also it will ramp up the romance in your game.  

The Nano Can is a touchless trash can that gobbles up and breaks down your garbage. The Nano Can is a space saver since you don’t have to take out the trash anymore. The Nano Can costs 1,200 Simoleons and makes money for itself when your Sims throw away the garbage.

The spaceship is an awesome and unique object that makes your gameplay even better. Get ready to blast off into the unknown! The spaceship is unlike anything else in the base game, such as pools and toddlers. 

It ties in neatly with the Rocket Science skill, and Sims can build the ship before completing text-based missions. You can upgrade the ships to be safer, and if a Sim has Level 8 Mischief, they can sabotage them and cause a crash landing, which is great for storytelling.

If you have the Get-to-Work expansion pack, you can upgrade your ship at level 10. The Wormhole Generator will allow you to travel to the Alien homeworld of Six-am, where you can mingle with aliens and find even more rare collectible items. These ships are also good locations.

The next object is the magic plant stump. Plant it in your backyard. At level 10 gardening, you can use it to buy rare plant packets. The packets will give you different types of magic beans. Keep buying and opening them until you have all six types.

Your sim can place the stump in the ground, and then, when it gets enough water, it will sprout into a tree. Your sim can go inside the tree and get a rare fruit called the forbidden planet.

There are a few other ways to get the forbidden fruit. You can have your sims plant the tree and wait for it to produce fruit. After a few days, the tree will close off and not be accessible again for a while. However, it will reopen, and you can harvest the fruit and plant it in another garden. If your Sim eats the fruit, it’ll turn into a plant for five days. They’ll need sunlight and will be able to absorb energy from other plants.

If you want to make it more like one, you can turn on your flash to get a lot of gameplay out of it. Cameras were originally part of the Get to Work expansion pack before making the base game. 

The game allows you to take pictures of what’s happening in your digital life. You can use them for whatever you want. You can make your Sim into a photographer or take some snaps of your sims as they hang around the house. A camera is an object that works well with almost every type of household.

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