Borderlands 2 Cheat Codes

Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter game being released in 2012 for the game players all around the world. The characters are divided into four different classes, each one of them comes with unique skills and abilities. The players will need to select their character to start the game and explore the world to collect rare items and weapons. You can also collect the weapons dropped by enemies or purchase some new weapons from the vendors. The players will need to counter the dangerous creatures and evil masterminds. Shoot them and loot all the things that they had. Make new friends in the game that will help you to battle against the enemies. If you get damage from the attacks of enemies, you can pick up health vials to restore the health. Borderlands 2 is featured on PC, Playstation, Xbox, nintendo switch and android mobile phones. 

Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes

BL2(BwAAAAB6KRYFAVM4sBBabRxhAKEAYQIhDmEG4f8/CKEZ4f9/JeE=)This code will reward you with Antifection.
BL2(hwAAAAABKwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xUY/v8jACzDYADw)Redeem this code and you will get Bekah Rifle.
BL2(hwAAAABtNwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xcY/v8jAKzCYADw)This code will reward you with Cowboy Bekah.
BL2(hwAAAABkRAqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jADzCYADw)Redeem this code for Deadshot Bekah.
BL2(BwAAAAB+KxYnAgFIEBFabQDEBIQFBFji//////////9X4v+/WuI=)You can use this code to enable Easy Mode.
BL2(hwAAAADg/QqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xgY/v8jAHTCYADw)This code will reward you with Flush Bekah.
BL2(BwAAAACEeRYdE2nwMBFaLQDj////////////vwxjBOM=)Redeem this code for Hard Carry.
BL2(hwAAAABNFQqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xMY/v8jAFzDYADw)This code will reward you with Horse Bekah.
BL2(hwAAAADykRaEEQEOB6HVUgBMADMBsAWMBUIbMF4I//8XALwAKAHw)You can redeem this code for Hot Mama.
BL2(hwAAAACrJBZE6AMOD6HVAgEcwfID8ADLCpYGLBNY/v/7ALwA2APw)This code will reward you with Infection Cleaner.
BL2(BwAAAACB1RYfE2PwMBFaLQDj/////////////wxjBeM=)Redeem this code and you will get Mouthwash.
BL2(hwAAAAAWpRZD6AEOEaHVlgAkwfIBEAFLCpYGLBRY/v93ALwA6AHw)This code will reward you with Nirvana.
BL2(hwAAAACvgxZAMgQOCaHV1mIgxGAE8ABDIgYIDP////8fAbwAWATw)Redeem this code and you will get Peak Opener.
BL2(hwAAAABozwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jAMzCYADw)This code will reward you with Razor Bekah.
BL2(BwAAAACgrxYFAUk4sBBabRxhAKEdYQvhDaEG4f9/CKEZ4f+/JeE=)Redeem this code and you will get the Electric Chair.
BL2(BwAAAADSBhYoAgPQ0BBabQAiBeIGom3i/////////z8AInCibuI=)This code will reward you with the Retainer.
BL2(hwAAAACGoxaBhgQOBaHVEgEsxDAEUAHDIQYHDBUY/v8LAbwAGATw)Redeem this code and you will get Toothpick.
BL2(hwAAAAA47BYEaAEOCaHVhgBEg1IBEAGKG5T//w1Q/v9jALwAaAHw)This code will reward you with Unicornspolsion.
BL2(hwAAAADQugqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xYY/v8jAPTCYADw)Redeem this code and you will get Wild Bekah.
BL2(hwAAAAAdNBZBRwQOCaHVbqIgQ5EEkAAFG4oIFBwo/v8rAbwAiATw)You can use this code for World Burn.

How to use Gibbed Codes in Borderlands 2 ?

Below is the method to use gibbed codes in Borderlands 2:

  1. You will need to download the Borderlands 2 Save Editor.
  2. Open the following link and download the “” named file. 
  3. Then you have to unzip this file. 
  4. Open BL2 Save editor and load your save. 
  5. After that, select the Backpack tab and tap on the Paste Code button. 
  6. Input the code to get the desired reward.

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