Collectibles Guide – Mission 7: Secret Weapons – Sniper Elite 5

In this guide, you will find all 19 collectibles and the missable achievement for the mission called Road Rage.

1/19 Classified Document 1

You have to walk forward near the very beginning, and the map will open up in front of you. You will find this person on a motorbike and you need to take him out to grab the classified document.

2/19 Pistol Workbench.

You have to head to the main road but first, go to the west into the base and get onto the bridge. After that, get across and go to the left side of the bridge.

There’s a small path that takes you down and there will be a cave right next to the waterfall. You can interact with some boards, and dismantle them. You’ll find the pistol workbench for the mission after getting inside.

3/19 Classified document 2

After that, head into that base on the left-hand side and you’ll find a couple more collectibles. There will be a small metal bunker on the left side where you can grab a key if you want. You have to head up into this tower by dismantling the wood that blocks this hole.

You can also use a satchel charge to blow the front door. There are a lot of different ways to get into this tower and once inside, you will need a crowbar to do your side objective. There will be a classified document at the top of the table.

4/19 Stone Eagle 1

Now to find your first stone eagle, you have to go down one level and then take a left-hand turn out the front door. Get yourself in the corner, look up the spire and you will find the stone eagle very well hidden tucked away in the corner. Grab your sniper and shoot at it. 

5/19 Classified Documents 3

After that, move north from that base into the outpost area. You will find an officer having a meeting inside of the tent and there’s also a sniper that roams around and he will have a collectible. You need to take them out and get the collectible. You will find a classified document on the table inside the tent. 

6/19 Hidden Item 1

Next up, you have to travel east from that gunboat location and you’ll come to the bridge that goes over a small little waterfall creek. After that, go to the right-hand side which allows you to cross through the water. There will be a secret path underneath the bridge that you can cut through and you will find the hidden item there. 

7/19 Personal Letter 1 

Now you need to go far eastern point of the map and there will be a kind of train track depot. In this depot, there’s the actual train station on the left-hand side. You have to go inside and find the officer to loot him and grab the key. After that, go upstairs and find a personal letter inside the office. 

8/19 Classified Documents 4

You can open up the safe with the key and you will find the classified document inside it. 

9/19 Stone Eagle 2

You have to head to the east of the train depot and there will be a random loop path. You will find the stone eagle on these rocks. You need to take it out using a gun or grenade. 

10/19 Personal Letter 1 

After that, move a little bit north and you will reach a small base in the corner of the map where there is an abandoned house. You have to climb up the drainpipe to get to the balcony and use the window ledge to get onto the ledge on the upper half of the roof. 

After that, move across to the balcony on the back side, then drop down and lock pick to get through the door. Then go downstairs and you will find the personal letter near the fireplace pit. 

11/19 Classified Documents 4

Now you need to make your way to the Research facility near the giant dome. Go inside take the staircase at the back and you will find the weapons lab key on the second floor, you need to grab it. 

After that, keep taking the stairs all the way to the very top, then take a left-hand turn and continue following the hallway. You’ll find the side pocket office room, enter that room using the key and you will get a classified document on the table. 

12/19 Personal Letter 3 

Now you will need to make your way to the central point and there will be a long pathway that leads into the dome. The easiest way possible to get inside is by going up the ladder and then the next ladder. 

There will be a door at the very top of both of the ladders. You have to blast your way through the satchel charge and you will find the personal letter on a chair. 

13/19 SMG Workbench

On the lowest floor of the dome, there is a long corridor that leads to the rocket. At the  end of this, there will be a spiral staircase that you can start taking up, and it will lead you to a door. 

Go inside and you will find a bunch of enemies. One of them will have the master dome key. This key will help you to open the door that leads to the SMG workbench.

14/19 Hidden Item 1

You can also find hidden item number two very close to this workbench. It is hidden underneath a table in the side room. 

15/19 Personal Letter 3 

You have to move up the staircase and enter the main control room of the building. You will find the personal letter on a table. 

16/19 Personal Letter 5 

After that, make your way to the lowest floor of the dome and exit through the natural entrance. There will be a small outdoor portion, you need to keep following it and there will be another indoor portion. Go there and you will find the personal letter number five there. 

17/19 SMG Workbench

The rifle workbench is very close from here, you have to go past this rocket and you’ll find a jaeger officer roaming this area. You need to bring him down and grab the key for the armory. The armory will be right in front, so you need to blow open the door with a satchel charge and find the rifle workbench. 

18/19 Stone Eagle 2

You will find the stone eagle number three in the top left corner of the map. You’ll need to go to the outpost where there is a bridge and an artillery cannon to your right. There will be a stone eagle in the sixth vent, you just need to smash it. 


You can find the final hidden item nearby just as you’re entering on top of this damn bridge, you can go into the little booth on the left-hand side and pick up hidden item number three