How to Solve Background Restart Problem in Free Fire

In this guide, you will find out how to solve the background restart problem in Free Fire. You have to make some changes in the settings to get rid of this problem.

The background restart problem usually occurs when you open more than one application at a time. To fix it, you have to hold the game’s icon and tap on App Info. After that, go to Power Saver and select the Allow Background Running option.

Now you need to head to the settings of your mobile phone and go to developer options. You have to turn on Developer Options.

After that, find the Quick setting developer tiles option, tap on it and then enable all the settings inside it.

Next, you need to scroll down and make sure that Don’t Keep Activities is disabled. After that, go to Background Process Limit and set it to No More Than 4 Processes. It will fix the background restart problem.