Farm Animals Guide – Sims 4. 

It is a complete guide to farm animals, birds, rabbits, chickens, cows, and llamas in The Sims 4

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    Birds are a fun addition, and they live in a flock of wild birds. This object is locked, and to unlock it, you first have to find bird tree hideaways in the world. Once you find them, you need to befriend them through social interactions, or you can also give them gifts. Each bird will have different gift preferences. 

    After befriending them in the wild, you can buy the birds for your farm, costing you four hundred Simoleons. When your relationship is good with birds, you can use them to help you with gardening, and they will water away pesky bugs and make your crops grow by singing. You can use different perks for befriending birds, which will also raise your social bar. 

    You can also collect gifts from birds, such as a fish or a trait, and there will also be a chance to unlock cross-stitch patterns. 


    Rabbits are similar to birds, and you can also find them in the wild; if you befriend them, it will unlock a wild rabbit home object that will cost you four hundred Simoleons. With this, the rabbits will live in your home; you can give them gifts, and then they can also give you various gifts like treats and unlock cross-stitching patterns. 

    When you are friendly with the rabbits, they will also help you with gardening, and they will take care of your weeds by eating them and enriching the soil, which will help your crops grow. If you have the “wild foxes lot” challenge active, they will be on the prowl for your rabbits, and they can attack and kill them, and sometimes your rabbits will also beat the fox. You need to make sure not to get rude to rabbits because if they get angry, they will beat you, and if you repeatedly disturb them, they can also kill you. 

    There are treats for your animals, and you can feed a lot of treats to your chickens, cows, and llamas for different effects. To make a treat, you first need to unlock a recipe for them; you can unlock the recipe for traits by finding treats and feeding them to your animals. You can click on it and select it to unlock.

    The best method to find treats is by going and buying them from the market stores that will pop up around Finchwick. And if you are friends with rabbits and birds, you can ask them for gifts with time. You can trade animals you own for random treats that will be delivered to your mailbox after some time.

    To unlock more recipes, you can complete tasks for sims around Hedford on Bagley, and you will also gain some treats. There are thirteen treats in cottage living. The friendly treat will boost your sim’s relationship with the animal they feed it. The animal party treat will increase the social motive of your animals. 

    The fishy protein treat will increase the amount of product you get from an animal by one, such as a cow giving you seven bottles of milk instead of six, and a hen will lay two eggs simultaneously. If you feed animals a healthy treat, it will extend their lifespan. It will not reverse age because it will only make them live longer. 


    To raise chickens, you need to build a chicken coop. Then you can purchase chickens, including different colored hen and rooster varieties. If you want to keep your chickens from running away, you have to build them a pen with locked gates. Roosters cannot lay eggs; roosters are needed to fertilize the eggs and make them hatchable. Hens will lay eggs. The rooster will also attempt to protect the hens from foxes.

    Chickens lay eggs at 6 am, and you can collect them by clicking on the coop. Eggs that are incubatable have a blue dot in your inventory. You can click on an egg to start incubation. You can hover an egg in the coop to see how long it will take before it hatches into a chick. When you notice an egg is about to hatch, you can visit the NPC and help it hatch. Or you can keep doing other things and let it hatch on its own. A chicken coop can hold up to eight chickens.

    You can keep multiple couples in one coop. It will tell you how many eggs are ready to be gathered, and the breakdown between chicks, hens, and roosters, and it will also give you a status on how clean the coop is. You must keep your coop clean to keep your chickens happier. 

    If your coop gets dirty, all of your chickens will get stinky, too, and nobody wants to deal with stinky chickens who will see a big drop in their mood. Speaking of mood, hovering over chickens will show their age, happiness, hunger, hygiene, and attention to happiness and attention. You need to socialize with your chickens for hunger scatter feed or give your chicken some treats.

    It is important to keep your chickens healthy to keep them clean and happy. Your chickens have a relationship bar with you, and the happier they are with you, the better quality eggs they will lay. If you have a very happy chicken, there is a chance that it can lay golden eggs. You can even enter your chicken and egg into the finch wink chicken fair. Before you leave, remember to put your chickens in your inventory. You can trade in your chickens for money, ingredients, and meat. 

    Another way to make your chickens survive longer is to upgrade your coop. Alarms and auto feeders are a great idea, but they’re difficult to get. You need to complete various errands for people in Henford on Bagley. These errands will help you get the parts you need. If you’re looking for an upgrade part to ward off wild animals, check the description of the errand first. If you have the “Wild Foxes lot” challenge active, there are two ways to handle it. You can scare them off or befriend them.

    Foxes can be a real problem for chicken farmers. They will attack and kill chickens, eat their eggs, and even infiltrate the coop. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the foxes and ensure they don’t get access to the chickens or their eggs. If you treat your chickens well, they will also treat you well. There are certain rules to follow to have chickens that won’t attack you. The first step is not to be rude to the chickens. If you’re mean to your chickens, then they might attack you. It may happen more than once, and it might be so bad that your chickens kill your Sim.

    The next egg your hen lays will be orange if you give it a pumpkin treat or blue if you give it a fruity treat. Both of these treats are available in Henford on Bagley. If you give your hen either of these treats, it will lay an egg with a color required for one of the errands for the people around Henford on Bagley. While you’re there, you can buy the ingredients for the rainbow treat.

    The rainbow-colored treat will make your hens’ next egg a rainbow egg. You can make the rainbow treat from green, orange, and blue eggs with the recipe. At this stage, the rainbow egg is mostly there to be sold for up to 225 Simoleons. Flirty trees are a great way to make your chickens lay eggs that are easier to hatch. If you feed your hens flirty trees, they’re more likely to lay chocolate eggs. It makes them easier to hatch, and you can use them in cooking or straight up eat them for plus 2 happy moodlet for two hours. 

    With the spicy treat, your hen lays an obsidian egg; you can hatch it to produce an evil chicken. The next treat is the midnight treat, which will turn regular chickens into evil chickens, and it also requires the previous treat and the obsidian egg. If you ask an evil chicken for help, it will ward off household enemies. They will stop foxes from killing your chickens. They will even ward off the Grim Reaper. Evil chickens have glowing red eyes, and they are very dark. They lay obsidian eggs as well. 

    When your Sim uses an egg made of obsidian, they will get a temporary moodlet that makes them angry. You have to use it cautiously, as it can be very dangerous. However, the benefits outweigh the risks in certain circumstances. When you prepare food with these eggs, your Sim will get a plus three moodlet for two hours. Your sims will turn red with evil and acquire the ability to glare at other sims, spreading their angry moodlet. It will also make them angry with you for a while. You can glare at objects, too, causing them to break and start a fire.

    You can turn regular chickens into golden chickens, like evil chickens. These golden chickens will be able to help you, and their powers will affect every object around them, even plants as well. The golden chickens will have the power to increase the quality of objects surrounding them, making them the best they can be. 

    Plants can be grown instantly. The golden chicken that lays gold eggs is a hen, and you can incubate the hatching eggs for more chickens. The non-hatching eggs can be used as ingredients in cooking. If a sim eats a dish that uses yellow eggs as an ingredient, they’ll gain the “dazed” moodlet. They’ll be dazed for two hours, and during this time, they’ll have yellow sparkles surrounding them.

    When the moodlet is active, your Sim will gain the golden pulse power, and they can use that to max the quality of any object, meaning yes, they can go around making your garden perfect in seconds. Or they can even upgrade various objects to be the best quality so that they can cast golden pulse on other sims to spread the moodlet and power.


    Cows live in the animal shed, and like the chicken coop, you can upgrade the animal shed to enable your animals to live longer and to auto-feed them. It makes caring for your cow or llama easier. You can pick between a brown and a black-spotted cow though they’re similar to chickens.

    If you have a cow, you can trade it in for Simoleons. You can trade in the ingredients and produce of the cow as well. However, you will get more money if you keep and milk the cow, not trade it in. If you treat your cow right, it will produce more milk per day. The milk quality is determined by how well you treat your cow. In addition to milk, a cow will produce manure and fertilizer for your garden.

    Milk can be drunk directly from the container, increasing your stomach size while decreasing your bladder size. You can use it in cooking to create delicious meals or give it to rabbits and birds. When you give them milk, they will love you forever. It’s good to keep milk in the fridge to stay fresh longer.

    For cows, feed them chickens and milk to get special types of milk. You can also feed them to other cows. Remember to put the cow in your inventory before going to the barn. The next time you milk a cow, you’ll get a special type of milk.

    When you get cow treats, your cow will produce special milk. They’ll give you mighty plant milk if you feed them a veggie treat. Mighty plant milk is just as good as regular milk but will also give an inspired moodlet to your sims and lasts for 4 hours. You’ll get pumpkin spice milk if you feed them the pumpkin treat. Pumpkin spice milk gives an inspired moodlet to your sims for 4 hours and increases their cooking skills.

    In the spring, your Sim should take up gardening. The fruit trees will bear fruit during this time. You can purchase a cow with gardening skills and tip it to get a special product like enriched milk. Drinking this special dairy product is beneficial for your Sim’s mood and skill gain.

    A spicy treat will give you fire milk, and drinking it will provide a confident moodlet for four hours. The chocolaty treat will give you chocolate milk if you breathe fire, which provides a happy moodlet for four hours. A flirty treat will give you strawberry milk, and drinking this will provide a plus-one flirty moodlet for four hours.

    The Midnight Treat is the only treat to affect your cow visually. It turns them into a Midnight Cow until they’re milked again, after which they’ll return to normal. Drinking Midnight Milk will give your Sim a playful moodlet for four hours. The Rainbow Treat is the only treatment with a visual effect on your cow. It turns them into a Rainbow Cow until they’re milked again, after which they’ll return to normal. Drinking Rainbow Milk will give your Sim an Obsidian. 

    Eating meals made from obsidian eggs will make your sims angry. If they eat enough of these meals, they’ll gain the evil glare power, making them angrier and used to break objects and set them on fire. Eating foods made from gold eggs will make your sims dazed. They’ll also gain the golden pulse power, which you can use to make objects perfect or their highest quality.


    llamas live in animal sheds and you can have one llamas per shed. There are two types of llamas to choose from beige and white. The beige llama will produce beige wool, and the white llama will produce white wool. 

    You will get six wool per shear; you’ll need to track down the creature keeper if you want clothing made. His house is in the bramblewood to the south of the area, directly below the little ruins. He roams a lot, but if you click on his little house, you can ask her to focus your camera on him and then track him down. That way, you can buy animal clothing from him.

    You can also trade in wool to have him craft specific pieces for your animals. Clothes are available for rabbits, chickens, cows, llamas, and even pesky foxes. If you have the nifty knitting stuff pack, you’ll also be able to knit a cute range of animal outfits. llama will also reduce the cost of knitting your usual human clothes and knitted objects. 

    It’s not essential for this; you can also enter llamas and their wool into the llama fair, and remember to pop the llama into your inventory before you go. And you can give their wool as gifts to rabbits and birds or even sell the wool for money because sometimes they’ll be required to complete errands for the Henford on Bagley people.

    Treats will temporarily change the color of your llama and make it so that the next time you shear them, you’ll get a single colored piece of wool in addition to your six standard beige or white pieces. Before your llama then goes back to their normal color feeding.

    The veggie treat will give you green wool, the pumpkin treat will give you orange wool, and the fruity treat will give you blue wool feeding. The flirty treat will give you pink wool, which is very attractive, and feeding the spicy treat will give you red wool, and the chocolaty treat brown wool. 

    The rainbow treat gives you a very stylish llama, and you will see you get some rainbow wool. The midnight treat will fetch you some black wool and feed your llama; the golden treat will fetch you some gold balls.

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