DLC Cars vs Real life Cars – GTA 5

These days GTA cars are almost the same as real-life cars. This guide will include additional F&F and other famous builds.

Obey 10F

10F looks better than the older 9F. It looks the same as the 2015 R8.

Obet 10F WB

These images are CGI because there’s no 2nd generation R8 with a widebody.

Groti Brioso 300 Widebody

The modifications on this car resemble Abarth TCR 1000. For the most part, it’s based on a widebody version of the Fiat or Abarth 500

Buckingham Conada

This is first ever GTA helicopter to use the NOTAR system means it has no tail rotor.

Lampadati Corsita

Rockstar barely left and the difference b/w these cars accept the Maserati logo.

Declesse Draugur

It is a concept vehicle, how did R* add this vehicle to GTA before their official release.

Bravado Greenwood

Greenwood also looks like a 1975 Plymouth Fury.

Dinka Kanjo SJ

The 1993 Civic Ej1 coupe is a famous car and also it’s one most appeared cars in fast and furious movies.

Dinka Kanjo SJ

This car was driven by Dom and Crew in the truck heist scene. This is the first car of the first F&F movie making it one of the iconic cars of F&F.

Dinka Kanjo SJ

It was driven by Danny Yamato in 1st ever street race scene in the whole F&F franchise. It’s the same place where we saw Dom’s RX7 and Brian’s Eclipse.

Benefactor LM87

These cars are good for people who are into competitive racing.

Obey Omnis e-GT

It’s the first armored EV in GTA and it looks as good as real-life car because both look exactly the same.

Dinka Postlude

Not only the looks but names are also similar. This front-wheel drive car looks good even if it’s not a fast car.

Ubermatcht Rhinehart

This one looks like a more generic version of the actual car but still looks the same as the original.

Imponte Ruiner ZZ8

Imponte Ruiner ZZ8 would be great if it had more customization.

Ubermatcht Classic Sentinel WB

This one looks exactly the same as Rocket Bunny E30 M3. The only thing that is missing is the BMW grill.

Benefactor SM-772

They named it SM772, SM might stand for Stirling Moss.

Pegassi Torero XO

Countach LPI 800-4 is a remake of the original 1974 Countach. It’s same for Torero and Torero XO.

Declasse Vigero ZX

It might be the most requested car by GTA fans and finally, it is here.

Declasse Vigero ZX

Finally, a proper bumblebee build. This one was featured in Transformers 5, Last Knight.

BG Weevil Custom

The hot road version of the VW beetle which is BF weevil in GTA. It’s very customizable.