Doom Eternal Weapons Tier List

DOOM Eternal is a first person shooter game which was released in 2020. It is the fifth addition in the DOOM game series. Like all the previous parts, you will also play the role of a DOOM slayer to battle against the dangerous enemies and monsters that came from hell. You will be equipped with many heavy and melee weapons to take them down. The enemies will be out there in a huge number, you have to make a complete strategy and tactics to kill them. 

You use different weapons to eliminate different enemies. They want to completely destroy mankind and you have to kill them all in order to protect humanity from being destroyed. DOOM Eternal offers you to play a single player campaign as well as multiplayer mode. DOOM Eternal game is available to play on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch and Stadia.

DOOM Eternal provides a big collection of weapons but you will start the game with Doom Blade, Shotgun and Chainsaw. You can get more melee and heavy weapons after making some progress in the game. Some of them are equipment launchers, heavy cannons, rocket launchers and they are located at their designated locations.

Tier S

Plasma RifleMicrowave BeamS
Combat ShotgunSticky BombS
Heavy CannonMicro Missiles S

Tier A

Rocket launcherLock on BurstA
Super ShotgunA
BallistaDestroyer BladeA

Tier B

ChaingunEnergy ShieldB
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