Easy Steps To Tame The Horse in Black Desert Mobile

This brief guide will teach you five easy steps to tame a horse in Black Desert Mobile Global. 

Step 1: You will need to go to livestock NPC; you can find it in every city.

Buy taming rope and raw sugar from him. To catch one horse normally, you will need one rope and four sugar cubes.  

Step 2: You have to find the “Wild Horse Capture Area” on the world map. Every region has this area, which is easy to find. 

Step 3: Head to the wild horse spawn spot. Just check the map and look for the horse symbol. 

There you may find a horse.

You have to keep a safe distance from the horse.  So that the horse can not kick you. 

Also, look at the success rate of 40/80 means this is a tier 2 horse. And if it is 50/90, that means it is just tier 1. 

Step 4 : Now, you will need to feed sugar cubes to the horse. To increase the success rate, feed until the odds are 80/80. If you are confident with your luck, you can try with less sugar.

Step 5: You can start the rodeo. It’s easy like fishing; just keep aiming at the green line. 

When the horse is tamed, you can name it. 

The captured horse will automatically go to your stable, where you can check the horse skill and buffs. 

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