Easy Way To Farm Gold – Minecraft Dungeons

In this guide, you will get to know how to farm gold in Minecraft Dungeons. You have to follow a few steps, and you will get a huge amount of gold which you can use to buy the best gears in the game. 

In the Minecraft Dungeons, you can get gold only from the Ancient Hunts. If you want to buy the best gears in the game, you will need gold for them. Therefore, gold is a very important material. 

To start the Ancient Hunt, you have to surrender your gears. You may go to the Crimson Forest to get some gears to surrender. You can start the Ancient Hunt with fundamental gears. You may require the right rune mix to gather an ancient mob. It’s not obligatory to put enchantment points. 

You can decrease the difficulty level to complete the hunts fast. When you start the ancient hunt, open your map to look up to the doors leading to gold rooms. 

You can also use Boots Of Swiftness which can help you increase the number of runs you do per hour. Mobs can also drop gold in small amounts, but the chances are much greater with enchanted mobs.

The gold rooms became much wider after the new Minecraft Dungeons update. So obviously, you can get more gold than before. In the end, you will get a huge amount of gold which can be used to buy stunning gears in the game. 

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