Fastest Way to Unlock Characters in Brawlhalla

In this guide, you will get to know the fastest way to get coins and unlock your favorite characters in Brawlhalla. You have to follow a few steps, and you can get a lot of coins for sure in a very short time. 

You can unlock the characters in Brawlhalla without much difficulty. There are different prices for each legend in the game. 

To get money as fast as possible, you will need to Create a Room. Then choose your favorite character, go to Settings and maximize the Lives, Match Time, and Damage

So after you win the match, you can get enough coins to get some Legends.  

Now come up to the BOT option and add a BOT with an Easy option. 

There are also other methods available to get the coins easily. One of them is Brawl of the Week. Here if you win one game, you will get 300 coins. 

The other one is Daily Missions. By completing them, you can get a lot of coins according to the available mission.

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