Fastest Way to Unlock Health Regen Augment in Mhw Iceborne

This guide will let you know the fastest way to unlock the Health Regen Augment for Endgame Weapons Rarity in MHW Iceborn. 

Tempered Trancehide is from tempered namielle in guiding land(GL). It can only be fought in level 7 Coral highland.

This is From Tempered zinogre in Guiding Land(GL). Found in Level 6+ Coral Highland and Ancient forest. 

This is from any tempered Elder In guiding Land(GL). Can Get it from any tempered Elder in Lvl 7 Locals.

This is from the large bone pile in high LVL Coral highland. Can Be found in Area 11 But Mostly in Area 10.

Now here are the steps to get them.

Step 1: You will need to complete these assigned quests to unlock mr100.

This hunting quest unlocks at mr49 and raises your cap to mr99.

This quest unlocks at Mr69 and it raises your GL Cap to Lv6.

This quest unlocks at Mr99. It raises your GL cap to LV7.

Step 2: You have to raise your coral highland to Lv7 in GL.

Following are the steps to level the locale in the guiding land. To Progress a specific locale you will need to:

1: Capturing/Slaying a monster

2: Collecting tracks.

3: Breaking parts of a monster

4: Using a Trap on a monster.

5: Experiencing a Turf war.

Step 3: You have to spawn Namielle in Coral Highland and kill it.

This step is Rng dependent, so there are 3 ways. 

RNG way: Reset GL by switching between places, could take 40 years with this because of the loading time.

Slow way: Get lure via turf war sign or temp monsters. Gather turf war tracks grants you analysis progress, which gives you one Random monster lure after the completion.

Hows do progress points work?

1: Break part of the correct type monster grants multiple points.

2: Break part of the wrong type monster grants one point.

3. Capturing/Slaying the correct type of monster will get one point.

4. Killing a tempered monster will fill one bar completely.

In short, you have to kill every last one of them but make sure they are all from coral highlands. Since leveling up one locale will decrease the other hen you finally get to hunt the tem namielie.


Make sure you pick up all its drops.

The two mats on the list can be from drops. Since temp zinogre spawn in coral highland too.

It can be spawned using the same method as namielle. Lastly, you have to find this material in area 10 near the fishing pod with some Gajalakas around.

You can check the spawn by pressing the D-pad left/right. A little yellow icon appears when it spawns.

Well, That’s it. Enjoy your Health regenAugment.

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