GTA Online: Guide To Unlock Patrick “Packie” McReary (GTA IV) For Casino Heist

Patrick “Packie” McReary is one of the playable characters in GTA IV. He is a member of the McReary crime family and a recruitable member for Casino Heist.

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to unlock Patrick “packie” McRaeary (GTA IV) for Casino Heist.

Packie McReary can be unlocked to hire as a Gunman in your Diamond Casino Heist Support Crew. This is done via a random event occurring in free mode. He takes an 8% cut. This event will also give you the Gun-man award in-game.

This is how this random encounter goes: At any random road on the map, at any time, you will see a little flash on your radar & a small blue dot can be seen. This is a police van in the back of which Packie McReary is being taken away. You have to jack this van & deliver him to his safehouse.

This event can occur either while roaming the map or while in a free-roam mission – Such as a Heist prep, Business Battles, resupply missions, MC Raids, etc. Do note that this event really is dependent on luck due to the randomness. I wouldn’t suggest you actively go looking for him as this can waste hours. However, I do have some general tips you can keep in mind if you want to try them.

– It can occur in Invite Only sessions also, public sessions are not necessary.

– It is more likely to happen when you are wanted by cops. You can even try getting a police van yourself & drive that around to increase the chances of Packie’s van spawning. Once found, don’t go too far from his van.

– If you are in a CEO/MC with your friends, make sure all of you enter the van at least once, or else all of you won’t get it.

– If you are a lone player, don’t let anyone else jack the van & deliver it. You won’t unlock Packie.

– This event can be a bit glitchy – Like van doors not opening, Packie disappearing, etc. Change sessions if you encounter these, you can find him again.

– VIP/CEO/MC status may or may not be required (Not sure on that one). Hence, try to be a CEO while attempting it just to be safe. Also don’t invite anyone to your CEO once he spawns or else he will disappear.

We will show you a few possible spawn locations for the van (based on other players’ experiences).

Keep in mind, these are not exact and are general areas. Check the roads around.

There are many more possible locations other than these.

Now here is how he spawned for me. I was helping a friend with preps along with another friend who was an associate in the organization. We had cops on us and suddenly a small blue dot appeared. I was trying to evade cops during this time.

This being so rare, we went straight for the van. The exact location where he spawned for me.

Eventually, the associate friend jacked the van and drove it around for a while. Once I evaded the cops, I took the van and drove to the safe house. The CEO’s friend had not entered the van but he could see the blue dot as well.

Mission passed! Now you can hire a packie as a gunman.

The gunman award is unlocked. Check at pause -> stats ->awards->The diamond casino heist.

However, the “all Crewed up” reward is still locked meaning there is 1 more guy to be unlocked (Driver?). Our CEO did not receive the Package, this must be because he didn’t enter the van at all.

So make sure to at least enter the van if part of a CEO/MC with friends. Don’t let anyone else take the van if you are solo or you’ll lose him. Also, don’t let anyone to CEO/MC once the van has spawned. That’s all we have for this random event guide.

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