How to Collect Metals in the Sims 4

This guide will let you know how to collect metals in The Sims 4. Go through the guide, and follow the simple steps to collect metals. 

The first thing you will need to do is head out and look for rocks sprinkled with gold and silver. You will need to dig them to get metal, Sim trophies or treasure maps when you see them. It is a slow process, and you’ll need to keep exploring new worlds and areas, digging up lots of rocks to find more metals. The metal collection will become much easier if you have the get-to-work expansion pack.

When you enter the scientist career, the active career work lot will have heaps of rock spawns all placed very closely together. So you have to regularly dig for medals and collect them at a much faster rate. If you are in the career field, you can chat with co-workers ask them for metal, and they will easily reply to you. 

The scientists are cooperative people. At level 5 in the scientist career, you can create a cloning machine to make copies of any metals you already have in seconds. Getting to work also brings a chemical analyzer, and you can analyze metals on a machine, and it will give you another metal without consuming the previous one you studied. 

You can only analyze a metal once, and any metals obtained from analyzing cannot be analyzed themselves. Getting to work also brings alien Sims, and aliens will have the power to transmute crystals, metals, and elements, turning them into a random crystal metal or element. It is the best method to turn extra crystals or elements into metals.

Aliens have a cool downtime, and they can only transmute objects every four hours. Suppose your sim reaches level 10 of the scientist’s career. They can unlock the alien aura serum drinking, giving your sims an 8-hour focus with three moodlet. At that time, your sims can access Alien powers without any cooldown time. So you can transmute crystals, metals, and elements and get more metals from the collection.

You can access and get to the secret alien homeworld at Sixam. The best way to travel there is to buy and build a rocket ship, reach level 10 of the rocket science skill, and install the wormhole generator on your rocket. Sixam is also the only place where your sims can find plutonium and solarium metals. Metals can appear after a thunderstorm if you have the season’s expansion pack. 

Suppose you have the island living expansion pack and the challenge to activate the volcanic activity lot. In that case, the volcanic boulders fall from the sky, and they can also provide you with metals. 

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