How to Defeat the Second Zone Boss in Returnal

This guide will let you know how to defeat the second zone boss in Returnal. It will also tell you how you can dodge the attacks of the boss and get protected. 

Following is the basic second zone flying monster. He has only two attacks, AOE ball, and a charging 4 beams attack. He is really easy to kill.

It is recommended to use the electro pylon one weapon, as it enables you to focus on hiding/dodge and it does damage itself.

Here is another monster of this zone, he will fire multiple balls at you and can teleport himself.

Take care of yourself because he also has a jumping attack that does a circling beam. Unlike in the first zone, turrets fire constantly at you after a little time charging. Take care of them.  

Your goal in the second zone is to get to the top of this structure using a teleport. 

As usual, there are three phases. Let’s begin with phase 1 the easiest. 

Phase 1 

So always keep your distance from him. Being far away will give you more time to dodge. 

All of his attacks like you see in the first phase will be dodgeable the same way, going in one direction and dash. He will just keep teleporting and shooting at you. Damage him and move to one direction and dash-dash. It’s really easy to deal with him in the first phase. 

Phase 2

Now in phase 2, you will need to go to the entrance where you have jumped. 

Then he will fall and do a circling beam. You have to prepare for the jump. 

Just stay here and he will begin the Qui Aoe phase. You can jump or dash the blue circle Aoe and damage him. 

Now reposition yourself near the entrance and wait. He will come 3 times dealing big Aoe, just dash the blue circle one and replace yourself.

Next look where he spawns to take your distance cause he will directly shoot at you, it will give you time to dodge. 

Then he can do the same attacks as in phase 1.

For this attack there are solutions, just dash through it to the opposite direction or just get as far as possible and you will find a way to get in without a dash. 

Now when he disappears, he will do 2 times his blue beam and Aoe, make sure to see him casting. 

Just dash the beam, then choose and maintain a direction dash and run a little forward too, to completely dodge the Aoe. 

Phase 3 

In phase three (The Worst), he will be grounded and will charge you more. 

Like in phase 2, he will disappear and come in a beam circle and then begin his AoE attack. 

Do the same as phase 2, jump or dash through the blue circle but take care as there are also blue balls now, don’t panic and dodge.

After his animation, he will jump on you 3 times. Each jump will do a beam circle, so prepare to jump or dash as you want.

Then he will charge his attack and dash on you with a beam circle, this attack must be dodge by a dash and then jump the beam. 

Just after the attack, he will hit the ground 3 times doing beam circles, take distance, and jump/dash 3 times as you want. 

Finally being far, he can charge and fire blue balls to you. He can also dash fast and he will chain all these attacks now. 

Let’s have a look at some tips!

You will need to get some better weapons and 2 like potions. It will help you finish phase three faster and recover from failures. 

The safest munition management is to fully burn them during his attack animation and a little bit at the beginning before dodging in phase one.

Then dodge and let the munition recharge while he teleports to another place when he reappears and repeats the process, you can also use your secondary attack but be sure to place it when the boss doesn’t move.

Don’t forget the placement at the entrance. It will be easier in phase 2. 

Turn your camera into this to have a better view of the blue wave. 

Try to keep your life “potions” for phase 3.

For charging a big dash attack, you have to dash and immediately jump away. Otherwise, you will take damage like here.  

When you fail and life is under 40 percent, it is time to use a life potion. 

Exactly where is a good dash – jump and you will take no damage. 

Take care of little balls while jumping because they can also damage you.

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