How To Enable Tap Arrest In Roblox Jailbreak

To perform this glitch, you first have to search for the Microsoft Store in Windows.

Next, once in the Microsoft Store, search for Roblox and install it.

Once Roblox is installed, open your Search Engine and look up “Virtual Tablet Server”.

Download the “Virtual Tablet Server”, unzip file, open the setup file and complete the Virtual Tablet Server Setup.

After that. you need to open the Roblox installer, sign in any account that you want to tap arrest with
Finally, once signed in, open Jailbreak, and you should be able to tap arrest.

Now you can test if it worked, and you can tap arrest players.

To check if the Virtual Tablet installed correctly, search for “Device Manager”. Now, go under “Human Interface Devices” and check if it says VirtualTablet.
Also, if you want to disable tap arresting, Right Click and then press “Disable”.

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