How to Farm Archaic Petra Set In Genshin Impact

This guide will let you how to farm Archaic Petra sets with Keqing crit/ Electro Thundering Fury build. 

So, here is the Archaic Petra set dungeon location. You can use your new thundering fury set on keqing.

This is what are you looking for:

You can add any electro user you have with keqing and take Xiangling/Amber for the team.

Lots of overloaded will give us lots of electro elemental particles with 2 Electro and 25% Atk with the two pro.

You have to trigger a lot of overloaded (Fire+Electro) to deal with Aoe Dmg and gain more elementary particles.

So let’s see the global strategy that you will need to use for cleaning this dungeon.

Begin with the killing of the pyro mage.

And then go on Ruin Guard and begin damaging him.

Burst the 2 Ruin Guards when they are packed.

When one is dead, finish the last.

Challenge completed: Let’s now see in detail.

You will need to start with keqing, she will be the primary damage dealer, and others will be her supports.

Takedown his pyro shield with your E twice and try to only deal Electro Damage on him to break the shield.

When his shield breaks, kill him as you wish, better with electro attacks.

When he dies, you have to switch to Amber, go directly to a ruin guard pop baron bunny, and switch to Xiangling and pop Guoba.

After that, switch back to keqing, dodge the incoming missiles and begin attacking the Ruin guard.

Now you will need to refresh the pop of bunny and Guoba.

When the 2 Ruin guards are packed, and under pyro buff, you need to use your second electro ultimate and begin bursting with keqing.

When they lose their pyro buff, you have to refresh bunny+Guoba, and you can cast Xiangling and Amber ultimate.

Switch back to keqing and use your E twice, followed by the charged attack; the ruin guard is sola and ultimate when packed. You can use the ultimate to dodge incoming damage.

After this burst, try to finish off the lowest life ruin guard.

When there is only one ruin guard left, the fight will be almost over. Now you can use an Amber charged attack to stun the ruin guard.

Pop guoba to be sure to have overloaded while finishing him off with keqing.

Now you have covered the basic farming strategies; you only have to loot and leave and teleport to a statue of the seven to regen your life and teleport back to the dungeon entrance.

Let’s have a look at some tips while doing the strategy.

You can use a bunny next to a Ruin Guard to taunt him and his missiles. Use Guoba to apply pyro on them while they are not under pyro buff.

Try to wait until they are packed before launching your second electro ultimate and refresh bunny guoba before bursting with keqing.

Always Dash behind them hit and run. Their attacks are slow; you have much time to see the animation and dash.

Don’t forget to refresh the bunny and guoba on cooldown.

If you failed to kill one ruin guard and they begin their tornado attack, you have to push back.

You can make a ranged attack if your second electro is a distance damage dealer.

Use bunny close to one ruin Guard to taunt missiles and try to finish one-off.

You can use an Amber-charged attack to stun a ruin guard or interrupt his attack.

Challenge completed: 

If you are far enough, you only have to move sideways away from the missiles to dodge them, saving stamina from dashing.

You can use Xiangling ultimate as soon as ruin guard loses his pyro buff.

After that, finish the ruin guard with the lowest life fast. When there is only 1 Ruin guard, the fight will be over.

You can pop bunny too while finishing the last ruin guard to taunt him being safe from his attacks.

Let’s have a look at the keqing build now that is used in this guide.

Keqing crit/Electro build with 4ts thundering fury. Feel free to change teams and adapt the strategy to your needs.

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