Tips and Tricks – Flee the Facility

This guide will provide you with the tips and tricks of Roblox Flee the Facility. 

1. Vents are your best friends.

When the beast is chasing you, or you are searching for computers. They do help. 

2. You can plan an escape route if the beast makes a sudden appearance.

3. You need to watch your back when hacking. 

In this way, the beast cannot make a surprise attack. 

Now, you can use a backup route. 

4. Close the doors behind yourself; it helps if the beast is chasing. You can use the vents as it saves time and helps you get a few seconds. You have to use the torchlight; the beast gives as much as possible.

Both of the computers are hacked now. All that worked for no reason. 

Going towards failed computers depends on your dodging skills. 

As the beast might be there.

The beast is back again. 

Luckily no one was captured, so you didn’t have to save anyone.But when someone is captured, save them as soon as possible. If you get captured, they will probably save you too. 

Check just in case the beast could be there; you never know. 

No beast, you are safe. You have to keep the nearby doors open, so you can slam them in the beast’s face if they come.    

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