How To Fix Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname/Unknown Host Errors

This guide explains how you can fix the Minecraft can’t resolve hostname/Unknown host error. You need to add specific Preferred and Alternate values for the DNS server and your issue will be resolved. Complete method is discussed in the guide below.

The first thing you will need to do is to go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel. It will appear on your screen, then select the Network and Internet option.

You will find your Internet settings in this option. Now click on Change Adapter settings.

Right click on your Wif-Fi and go to the properties option.

From the page that appears, scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 and double click on it.

This will open up a new window as shown in the image below. 

After that, you need to enter the numbers in the Preferred DNS server option and enter the number in the Alternate DNS Server option. Then click on the OK button.

Now go to the Search Bar and type cmd. In the cmd, you have to type ping

Press Enter now. It will be successfully Pinged to this address.

In order to check a server which is no longer operational. You will need to enter your server address in cmd, if you find “your ping request is timed out”, it means the server is not operational. Here is an example for it.

In this way your issue will be resolved effectively.

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