How to Fix Stick Drift on Controller in Warzone 2

This guide will tell you how to fix Stick Drift on Controller in Warzone 2 (Deadzone Settings).

Now if you’re getting an aiming glitch where your aim just seems completely off and your aim just takes off in one direction, then there’s a way to fix that issue.

You have to completely turn off your controller and then turn it back on. If you’re on the PlayStation, then you need to press the Playstation button and go down to Accessories. After that, select it, then go to Dual Sense Wireless Controller and turn it off. Your controller will then turn off, and you simply need to reconnect it to your PlayStation. On the Xbox simply take out your batteries and then put them back in this will hopefully solve your issue.

If your issue is still not solved, then you have to hold the down button on your PlayStation for about 10 seconds until the light bar will turn off. Now there is a small hole in the back of your controller, you can also reset the controller by pressing that down for like five to ten seconds and the controller will completely reset. There is a possibility you could have some kind of like stick drift, so you have to press options in the game and tap on settings.

Go to the controller and then at the top, you need to go to the Advanced tab, press R1, and go down to input dead zones, you have to select it. Go to the left segment and the right stick min and increase these values to the point where that drift doesn’t occur anymore.