How To Get Chikara Shards Fast In Anime Fighting Simulator ?

This guide will let you know how to get the Chikara Shards fast in Anime Fighting Simulator.

  • Some boxes spawn on the map after every five minutes. Pick them up, and you will find chikara shards in them.

  • Make your way to the NPCs named Giovanni, Ghoul, and then go to Shinro on the island of chapter 1 mission. All three of them will give you quests to get chikara shards.

  • There is another way to get a lot of shards is boss battles. Defeat the bosses, and you will get chikara shards.

  • You will get five shards after every minute and even 10 if you have a double chikara game pass. You can buy this game pass for 249 Robux.

  • You can also redeem the game codes to get the chikara shards.
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