How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits

In this guide, you will find how to get Fragments in the Blox Fruits game. First, you have to defeat sea beasts, ship raids, and fruit raids. After that, defeat pirate raids and Blackbeard, rip Indra boss, and Cake Prince.

Defeat Sea Beasts

In this section, we will take you through the steps to defeat the sea beasts.

  • While exploring the ocean in Blox Fruits, you have to keep an eye out for sea beasts that randomly spawn.
    These are powerful creatures that you can engage in battle with.
  • When you come across a Sea Beast, start attacking it. Be prepared for a challenging fight, as Sea Beasts are formidable opponents.
  • Use your combat skills, weapons, and fighting styles to defeat the Sea Beast. Ensure you’re adequately prepared with healing items and strategy.
    After successfully defeating the Sea Beast, you will be rewarded with fragments. The number of fragments you receive can vary, with a potential reward of up to 250 fragments.
    Defeating Sea Beasts can be a source of fragments, it might not be the most efficient method compared to other activities like raids or quests. However, if you come across a Sea Beast during your exploration, it’s a worthwhile opportunity to collect some fragments.
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Defeat Ship Raids

This section describes how to defeat the ship raids after successfully defeating the sea beasts.

  • Navigate your ship in the open ocean while exploring the world of Blox Fruits. While sailing, be vigilant and watch for incoming ship raids.
  • Keep an eye out for ship raids that randomly occur.
    These raids involve three ships that will attack you. The ships might appear suddenly, so stay alert.
  • When the ship raids commence, prepare for battle. These ships will attack you, and you’ll need to fend them off to earn fragments.
  • Engage in combat with the attacking ships. There will be one larger ship and two smaller ones. Focus on defeating all three ships in the raid.
    Upon successfully defeating all three ships in the raid, you’ll be rewarded with fragments. The larger ship rewards you with 100 fragments. Each smaller ship rewards you with 50 fragments. By defeating all three ships in the raid, you’ll earn a total of 200 fragments.
    While ship raids might not provide the highest amount of fragments compared to other methods like quests or bosses, they offer a way to gather fragments while exploring the ocean and engaging in battles.
  • Once you’ve earned fragments from ship raids, use them to purchase items, unlock abilities, and enhance your character’s progression in the game.
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Fruit Raids

In this section, we will take you through the steps to defeat fruit raids.

Participating in fruit raids is a highly efficient way to gather fragments quickly. These raids offer substantial fragment rewards, and completing them efficiently can yield up to 1000 fragments.

  • To start a fruit raid, you’ll need to locate and defeat a boss that drops a particular fruit.
    These bosses can be found across different islands. Defeating them grants you access to the raid.
  • Having a powerful fruit, such as the Buddha fruit, significantly increases your chances of completing the raid swiftly and maximizing your fragment rewards.
    Budda fruit’s abilities can be particularly useful in overcoming raid challenges.
  • If you have friends or fellow players with powerful fruits, team up to tackle fruit raids together. Combining your strengths can make the raid easier and more efficient, leading to faster completion and better rewards.
    While exploring the third sea, you’ll encounter additional opportunities to earn fragments through pirate raids. Pirate raids involve defeating a group of pirate NPCs to obtain fragments as rewards.
  • Engage in battles against pirate groups during pirate raids. Take down these NPCs to earn fragment rewards.
    The number of fragments you receive depends on the difficulty and size of the pirate group.
  • To optimize your fragment farming efforts, consider strategies like using area-of-effect attacks to defeat multiple enemies simultaneously.
    This approach helps you complete raids faster and earn more fragments in less time.
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Pirate Raids

This section describes how to get Fragments in the Blox Fruits game by defeating Pirate Raids.

  • You need to head to the castle located on Sea Island.
    This is where pirate raids occasionally occur. While you’re exploring the area around the castle, you may come across a pirate raid event. These events involve a group of pirates attacking the castle.
  • When you encounter the pirate raid, prepare for battle. Engage in combat against the attacking pirates to protect the castle and earn rewards.
  • Defeat the group of pirates that are part of the raid.
    These pirates may vary in strength and numbers, so be ready for a challenging fight.
    After successfully defeating the pirates in the raid, you’ll be rewarded with fragments. The amount of fragments you receive depends on the difficulty of the raid and the number of pirates defeated.
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Blackbeard, Rip Indra Boss, Cake Prince

This section will take you through the steps to get Fragments by defeating Blackbeard, Rip Indra Boss, and Cake Prince.

  • Engage in battles against the formidable Blackbeard or Rip Indra boss. Deal at least 10 percent of their HP in damage during the fight which will grant you a substantial reward of 1,500 fragments.
  • Challenge the Cake Princess boss when your character reaches level 2300. Defeat her in battle to earn another chunk of fragments.
    After successfully defeating the Cake Princess boss at level 2300, you’ll be rewarded with a generous amount of 1000 fragments. Fragments play a vital role in your progress within Blox Fruits.
    They are essential for various activities and upgrades, making fragment farming a crucial aspect of the game.
  • While sea beasts and ship raids offer a reasonable way to gather fragments, their rewards might not be as substantial as other methods.
  • Fruit raids are where you can strike the jackpot when it comes to gathering fragments quickly and efficiently. Rally your friends to participate in fruit raids together.
    If you can acquire the powerful Buddha fruit or have a friend who has it, your chances of success increase significantly.
  • By utilizing these methods, you can begin farming fragments in Blox Fruits more effectively, ensuring steady progress in your in-game journey.
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