How to Get Monster Truck for Free in GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will come to know how to get the Monster Truck for free in GTA 5 Online.  

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is go to your game phone and open the browser. You have to tap on the travel and transport tab and click on the Warstock link option, as shown in the image below.  

Step 2

After that, you have to sort the list by price, scroll down, and find your monster truck Marshall on the first option.

When you select the Marshall, you have to select the car’s Livery, which will customize the color of your car, and then you have to buy it.

You will not get the vehicle in your garage, so you need to go to your contact list from your mobile and then call Pegasus. It will open up new options on the top left side of the screen; you have to select the monster truck option and select the Marshall to spawn it on your current location, as shown in the image below.  

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