How to Get the Flare Gun After 0.8 Update in PUBG MOBILE

This guide will provide you the locations to get the flare gun in PUBG Mobile after the 0.8 update. There are 90% chances to find the gun from two different locations. The sound of the fire of a flare gun is simply amazing.

The first location to find the flare gun is at the top of the Mylta Power building. You will need to drop straight on the roof of the building from the parachute.

And then roam around the roof to find the flare gun. But you will need to be aware while picking up the gun because the enemy may try to kill you.

The second location to find a flare gun is inside the Mylta Power building. Make your way into the building and you may find a flare gun on the ground. Check for the enemies on all sides after picking up the gun.

After that, go to the top of the building, equip the flare gun and fire straight up in the air. You will be able to see the light of this fire for quite some time.


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