How to Get Zethines – Creatures of Sonaria

This guide will let you know how to get Zethines in Roblox Creatures of Sonaria. You will need to complete the secret mission to get Zethines.

To unlock this creature, we need to heal 250 bleeds (overall).

You will need a bleeder creature; you can have truth here, 2nd most have bleed in the land of Sanaria.  

The truth is also an herb thing; that’s why you need to have Lerachu, which can provide herb foods. It may be the best spot because there is a water source, and the very most important is the mud. The mud buff makes you heal the bleed faster.

You’ve been covered in mud, doubles the rate at which Bleeding, Burns, and Poisons are healed, Increases health regeneration rate by 25%, also hides your scent. It will last for 90 seconds.

You have to prepare all these things because it takes a long time to complete this mission, so you have to be patient to do it. 

Alright, let’s begin. You will need to make it bleed until you reach 60, then sit or lay down to heal your bleed. Once your bleed is healed, you have to repeat the process.

Repeat the process until you receive this notice, alright. Now let’s try to get it in gacha and try your luck.  

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