How to Install Fleeca Banking System – GTA 5 MODS

In this guide, you will find how to install the Felisa banking system. This system will allow you to open bank accounts at the banks.

  • First, you will need to download the Felisa banking system mod. Once you reach the web page, hit the Download button to download it and then extract the Zip file. Make sure you have Scripthook V,, and Lemon UI already installed on your computer.
  • Next, open up the extracted mod folder and go to the scripts folder. Open the Grand Theft Auto game directory in another window, and go to the scripts folder.
  • Drag & drop all the files from the mods scripts folder to the script folder inside the game directory.
  • Close all the windows and launch the game. Open your in-game phone and make a call to Fleeca Banking System.
    A Fleeca Banking window will appear.
  • Press the D-pad button to switch between the accounts and tap on Withdraw if you want to withdraw it.
  • If you want to make a deposit, then tap on the Deposit button and enter the amount. After that, confirm the transaction.
Please Reload/Refresh this tab.