How to Install & Use Lockpick Rcm On The Oled Switch

This guide will tell you, How To Install & Use Lockpick Rcm On The Oled Switch.

1- First, click on the following link as it will bring you to the official site of Github. From here, download the lookpick_RCM.

2- Once you reach this site, go under the Assets and click on the Lookpick_RCM.bin file to download this.

3- Once the download completes, click on the following link From here, download the lockpick.neo file.

4- This is the same file you download earlier, but the only difference is that this file will be launched using the Homebrew menu.

5- After downloading the files, place them on the desktop. Plug in your sd card, and then copy the bin file to payloads on the root of your sd card.

6- Then paste the nro file into the switch folder of your SD card.

7- Now, boot up your Switch and boot into the Hekate. Then go into the payloads and then select Lookpick_RCm.bin to launch.

8- Your volume buttons are your up keys, and your power button is the key you use to select any option.

9- First, press the power button from the synod, which will copy it to the root of your sd card. Go back to the main menu of Hekate, eject your sd card, and plug it back into the pc.

10- Now copy the prod.keys file and the title. keys file from the Sd card and then paste them into the backup folder you created on your PC.