How to Kill Campers Glitching in Chapter 10 -Roblox Piggy Glitches

This guide will let you know how to kill campers glitching in chapter 10 – Mall in Roblox Piggy (Piggy in Vents). 

You only need to find the batteries to escape.

You still need to open the door to escape. There only found a few places where piggy can glitch into.

But they’re the most common glitches anyway. This first one is to get outside as a piggy.

There are 2 ways to do this. This is how to get back inside.

2nd way looks much easier.

You just do a corner clip on the corner. Type in the chat /e dance2 (don’t press enter). Walk onto the door and then jump.

After that, you will need to open the chat and press enter to dance as fast as you can. Do the same to get back in.

For the 2nd way, just hold the direction of the corner and zoom in.

This next one is for people camping on the vent.

It makes the test subject go to the camping spot to show you that it works. If they don’t know what you are doing, they will be very surprised.

Like the last glitch, you type /e dance 2 in the chat and don’t press enter. Walk into the railing and then jump. When you land, open the chat and press enter to dance as fast as you can.

At this part of the dance, you have to zoom in.

When you zoom in, jump and hold forward into the camper. This next glitch can be used to surprise people or kill people behind the unopened doors.

The way to get through is the same with the last 2 glitches.  Do the same thing to get out. One place that people might glitch is here.

Barely anyone glitches here. You zoom in like this to move and turn the corners.

This is how to kill people in the vent when mousy is glitched.

You will need to type in /e laugh in the chat and walk to the vent. Jump and then quickly open the chat, press enter to laugh. At the farthest back of the laugh, zoom in and you will be in the vent.

It’s super hard to move in here, you hold a jump and a direction. If you want to get out, just use a teleporter.

You can quickly move in the vent by touching the sides of the vent with your back, hold jump and move down right like this.

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