How To Kill Titan? – Roblox Attack On Titan Downfall

In this guide, you will learn how to kill the Titan in Roblox Attack on Titan Downfall.
The first thing is that you must use your mouse cursor to aim at what you will look.

This guide will also let you know how to go to the titans’ back of their neck (titans die when you hit the back of their neck).

So, you can turn by pressing the a or d button (a is left and d is right).

Hook the titan’s head or the neck and turn around their back. Then slain them, he will be down for sure.

Another way to kill titan is when he is looking back, you can hook and slain them.

But beware! They can turn around and kill you, so hook it and press space.

The last way to kill titans is to hit their legs and stun their faces.

There, he’s down, but did you realize that you just lost the swords. So this is the best way to lose swords, and make sure you hit the back of their neck when they are down, and the stun head is the same. You will lose your swords.

So, that was all the way to kill titans in this game; you can kill the abnormal titans when you’re good.

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