How to Land a Plane in LEGO Fortnite with TURNING

In this guide, you will learn how to land a plane in Lego Fortnite by turning using the easiest method.

  • First, you have to stand in the middle of your platform and pop a balloon on one side of the platform.
    You’ll start descending slowly.
  • Keep an eye on the descent; it will be going down and when it nearly stops, pop another balloon. You must keep going down slowly.
    If you still have half of the platform remaining after popping some balloons, that’s a successful attempt.
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  • If you fail to survive the landing, then it will not cause too much damage or eventually destroy you.
  • There are many ways to land a plane in Lego Fortnite such as placing a heavy object in the middle of it.
    The platform will gradually descend.
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