How To Make An Automatic Snowball Launcher

An Automatic Snowball launcher is used to launch snowballs on to the mobs in the Minecraft game. Go through this guide and follow step-by-step instructions to make an Automatic Snowball Launcher.

At first, Place 4 redstone repeaters on the ground making the shape of a “+” sign while skipping the middle block. And use redstone dust around them. 

Place 9 gray concrete blocks right next to the repeaters. Use redstone at the top of the first three blocks. Place three redstone repeaters at top of 3 middle blocks and 3 dispensers at the top of the last three blocks. 

The next thing you need to do is place gray concrete blocks on the sides and top of dispensers to make a complete wall. And fill all of three dispensers with snowballs. 

Go back to the other side of this wall and place a lever on the ground near the repeaters.

Pull the lever to launch snowballs out of the dispensers. Pull the lever back if you want to stop these snowballs. 

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