How to Repeat the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA 5 Online

Do you know the glitch to repeat diamond casino heists in GTA 5? After this guide, you will be able to repeat the heist as many times as you want and make some money. 

In the GTA 5 game, no one wants to do diamond casino setup missions and diamond casino target missions when the diamonds come out. If you want to repeat the diamond casino mission, you can do it as many times as you want. For this, you will need to do the setups before getting to the heist. After this, you have to start the heist itself. If you are the host then give all the cuts to the other person. 

You will not get the money because you are doing the heist and the people who are with you will get the money. So after giving the maximum cuts, get over to the heist. 

Once you have done it, then you will come into the play. 

When you get to the cell point, head to the Xbox menu and exit the game when the cutscenes start.

Go to the homepage of Xbox and launch the game again. As you can see at the top of the right corner. Sometimes you instantly get the money but sometimes you have to watch through the cutscenes. Once you spawn, go to your arcade and make sure the heist is still there. 

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