How to Get a Better Level In Critical Ops

You will get four missions per day with the elite pass. Whenever you finish your missions, you have to do XP boosts.

You can get 4500*4=18000xp per day and 4500*28 mis. = 126000 XP per week. It means six levels per week for missions + 15 missions done = 20000, so 146000 per week.

Play defuses or ranked.

Ranked win:

You will get 5000*5 ranked = 20000 XP per day, which is not bad. Maybe anyone plays ten ranked per day 10=40k XP (2 Levels). 

5000*40 rankeds=200000 (Per Week) 10 Levels from rankeds per week

Defuse win:

You may try hard when the new pass is out.

15 def*2800=42000xp (Per day)

15*7 = 105 defises per week

105 def *2800 = 294000xp per week, almost 15 levels from defuses.

That’s good.

Deathmatch win=1600xp boost.

5*1600 = 8000 XP, but it’s helpful too.

5*7days = 35tdms*1600= 56000 xp (Per week) Almost 3 levels.

So from these defuses, ranked, missions and tdm, you can get per day, 18000+20000+42000+8000=88000 XP. It’s almost five levels per day.

Per week: 126000+200000+294000+56000=676000xp: 20000 (1lvl)=33,8 almost 34 levels per week

Insane Ikr

Per Month: 676000*4 weeks=2704000: 20000(1lvl)=1352135 levels per month

Do you want to know how much you can get per year?

32448000: 20000(1lvl)=16224 

To get the next rank, you may need +200 levels.

For elite rank, you will need 1400 level ig.

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