How To Spawn The Magnet Helicopter in GTA 5 Online

Do you know how to spawn the skylift? After this article, you will get to know how to spawn the skylift by doing a simple mission in GTA 5.

In the GTA 5 game, you can spawn the skylift. People also called the magnet helicopter to skylift.

All you need is to go to the penthouse and call Ms Baker to get a mission.

You need to be prepared for this mission because there will be a lot of people there and it will be very easy for them to shoot at your helicopter.

You can either go in silent or shoot them out loud. You can shoot their faces with an assault rifle. You will have fun doing this. After this, you have to fly around and find the container.

The helicopter will automatically find the container and then land on it. You have to kill the people around you. There will be a code on the container.

All you are gonna need is to click the picture of the code and send it to Ms Baker.

After this, you will get to the helicopter mark on your map and get in it.

Then you will go to the container you marked and pick it up with the helicopter by pressing the d-pad. You have to fly over to the casino. You have to be very careful while doing this.

After reaching the destination, all you have to do is to drop off the container. You have to keep the helicopter as well.


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