How to Transfer ARK from Epic Games to Steam

In this guide, you will learn how to Transfer ARK from Epic Games to Steam using the easiest and quickest way.

  • Ensure you have the game on both the Epic Games and Steam platforms. If not, acquire the game on both platforms.
  • Open Epic Games and locate the ARK game to transfer. Click Install for the ARK game and navigate to the game’s installation directory.
    Typically, it’s in a folder like Epic Games.
  • Cut the game’s folder by right-clicking on the game folder and selecting Cut.
  • Find your Steam game’s installation directory. Normally located in the Steam folder, then steamapps and Common.
  • Then find the game directory and paste the copied game folder from Epic Games here.
    Consider reinstalling the game through both Epic Games and Steam to prevent any corruption issues.
  • If you only wish to transfer your game saves, find the Saved folder within the Ark Survival directory in the Epic Games installation. Back up this folder.
  • Transfer this Saved folder to the Steam installation directory for Ark Survival.
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